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Chen Jinming, director of the water and Soil Conservation Bureau of Luonan County, inspected the fourth rubber dam project in Luonan County in early 2012

Chen Jinming, director of the water and Soil Conservation Bureau of Luonan County, inspected the fourth rubber dam project in Luonan County in early 2012. In order to ensure a happy new year for the people of the whole county, 19 million yuan was invested in the construction of rural safe drinking water projects in the past 2011. 38 drinking water safety projects have been completed, 115 water collecting wells, 93 water regulation and storage wells, 530 water cellars, 243 drinking wells, 439 kilometers of water transmission and distribution pipelines and 5 sets of chlorination and disinfection facilities have been installed, which has solved the drinking water problem of 35000 people in 38 villages such as Shipo Sangping, Chengguan fanwan, Niuwang temple, Baoan Temple bottom, Yulong, Lingkou Suwan and Chen ertianmen; The county water supply pipe reconstruction project completed an investment of 4.2 million yuan to solve the drinking water difficulties of 3000 people. The investment of the reservoir reinforcement project is 3.65 million yuan. 85% of the image progress has been completed in the construction of the risk elimination and reinforcement project of Jijiahe reservoir. 1600 cubic meters of masonry demolition, 1000 cubic meters of desilting, 2000 cubic meters of dry masonry, 500 cubic meters of mortar masonry, 200 cubic meters of concrete and 8100 cubic meters of mobile earthwork have been completed

the preliminary project establishment of 10 small (II) reservoirs for risk elimination and reinforcement has been progressing smoothly, the reservoir safety appraisal has been fully completed, and the preliminary design of 4 reservoirs, including Zhanggou, Beigou, luoziyu and Jiagou, has been reviewed; The Zhangping reservoir project, a key project in the city, has completed an investment of 18 million yuan. The "three supplies and one leveling" workers can perceive that these differences have been in place. The construction projects of diversion tunnel and temporary water supply tunnel have been completed, and the construction scheme for road reconstruction and resettlement in the reservoir area have been prepared. The construction of flood damaged embankments in Baoan, Lingkou and Shimen has been fully completed and accepted. The investment of the project is 12 million yuan, and 7.6 kilometers of new river embankments have been built; The planning and design of mountain torrent disaster prevention and monitoring system construction project has been reviewed and approved by the provinces and cities. The county drought relief service team plans to purchase flood control and drought relief equipment through bidding. Flood control has gathered excellent cutting-edge talents in Jinan experimental machine industry. According to several 10 years of experimental machine manufacturing foundation and technical experience, there are more than 200 sets of drought relief equipment, and the investment in equipment procurement is 2 million yuan

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