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American economist William Andorra: Arab oil will hit the US dollar according to the news, Arab oil producing countries secretly negotiated a long-term plan with the world's largest oil consuming countries by pressing the tightening button on the oil control box to clamp the sample oil: gradually withdraw from the game of pricing petroleum in the US dollar. If this is true, this action will ring the death knell of the dollar currency: the dollar will no longer be the global reserve currency, and the United States will no longer be the global economic overlord

under the military pressure of the United States, Arab oil producing countries are forced to trade their exported stones in dollars. They can also provide more complete models for consumers to choose oil. This is direct support for the US dollar at a time when the US economy is heading for irreparable decline. This scenario may soon be over. According to a report leaked from oil producing areas in the Arabian Gulf, a series of serious meetings have been held there for several months. On the one hand, there are Arab oil producing countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, and on the other hand, there are two of the three major oil importing countries: China and Japan

in 1973, the price of oil rose four times. People from the US Treasury secretly visited Riyadh for lactic acid, a low-grade degradation product, and told Saudi Arabia in the most explicit language that if they want to get the protection of the US Army against possible Israeli invasion, OPEC must privately promise never to settle oil transactions in currencies other than the US dollar. With this "petrodollar" system, the United States can allow a huge trade deficit to occur, while the dollar continues to serve as the world's reserve currency; Petrodollars is the core of the United States to dominate and control the global financial market. Until August2007, subprime mortgage securitization triggered a crisis

it is reported that the participants in this meeting envisaged a basket of currencies that could reflect the production consumption relationship, a currency supported by gold. Unlike some people think, this plan will not become a new currency from the beginning. It is an arrangement to eliminate the risk of oil price fluctuations, which may reduce the value of the US dollar

Iran recently announced that it would sell oil in euros instead of dollars in the future. According to these reports, there will be yen, euro, Chinese yuan and gold in a basket of currencies. Brazil is said to be joining as both a producer and a consumer

the first to report these secret plans was the British independent. I also confirmed from Gulf sources that these talks did take place. Oil producing countries have long been fed up with the dollar pricing oil for military protection. Moreover, the dollar depreciates against other currencies and gold, and they continue to suffer

at present, it is not clear how the two key European countries, Germany and France, will respond. If they decide to gamble with oil producers and consumers, they will open the door to huge and new trade and investment opportunities in Eurasia. If they balk and decide to maintain links with the British pound and the US dollar, they will inevitably sink with the US dollar

the decline with the dollar will be the "only" economic and financial power of the United States. Before us are rapids and dangerous beaches. It is not surprising that gold has strengthened in this volatile situation

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