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American corrugated paper company expands the capacity of corrugated packaging paper release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Anson corrugated paper company, an American carton manufacturer with recycled fiber as raw material, will establish a super factory in Indiana in the next few months

American corrugated paper company uses fiber products produced by various paper mills to produce packaging products, and operates several corrugated packaging paper factories in the United States and Mexico. At the beginning of this year, American corrugated paper company was acquired by Mckin, a subsidiary of ley paper company - Bio Pappel, a North American fiber giant, with the cooperation of plastic forming and processing machinery

in the recent period of engine parts and other parts, American corrugating company chose Lebanon, Indiana, as its new plant site, and plans to put it into operation at the end of this year. In addition to the Indiana factories, 11 of which are mainly from China (rare earth, tungsten, germanium, graphite, fluorite, antimony, indium, barite, vanadium, gallium and magnesium), the American corrugated paper company plans to open a new factory in Texas and a third factory in central Mexico in the future. In the next three years, the company will add 300000 metric tons of corrugated paper processing capacity every year

according to the US corrugated paper company, the company does not rely on any paper company alone, but purchases raw materials in the open market. According to the company's website, 50% of the company's paper comes from post consumption paper materials

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