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Five driving forces activate the petrochemical green supply chain

five driving forces activate the petrochemical green supply chain

December 14, 2018

with the price of plastic chemical raw materials rising with the economic development, the 2018 Fifth China Petroleum and chemical industry supply chain development conference hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was held in Suzhou on December 10-11. The participants analyzed the current situation and problems of the supply chain of China's petrochemical industry, put forward the methods and paths of building a green supply chain, and emphasized that "green system, green innovation, green industry, green consumption and green market" should be created

based on green manufacturing theory and supply chain management technology, green supply chain is a modern supply chain system of China paint, which makes the products from design and development, material acquisition, production and processing, packaging, storage, transportation, use to recycling and processing to adapt to the whole process of applying for foam granulator in the new era, with the least impact on the environment, the highest resource utilization rate and the best economic benefits

lishousheng, President of the petrochemical Federation, pointed out that the construction and development of the green supply chain in the petrochemical industry should focus on creating five new driving forces of "green system, green innovation, green industry, green consumption and green market", so as to provide assistance and support for the high-quality development of China's petrochemical industry while solving outstanding environmental problems and improving the quality of the ecological environment

"The advanced experience and practices of some developed countries are worth learning and learning from. First, the government has promoted building a green supply chain as a national strategy, creating a good environment in the construction of infrastructure, laws and regulations, standards, etc.; second, the enterprise has attached great importance to environmental protection, sustainable development and market competition, and listed them as important development concepts that must be observed; third, consumers at the market level should avoid Scratching the upgrading direction of the objective lens puts forward higher requirements on the demand for green products, services and personal security, forcing enterprises to pay more attention to the construction of green supply chain. " Lishousheng said

lishousheng put forward three targeted suggestions: establish a new model of green supply chain development guided by the government and promoted by the industry; Take various measures to promote efficient cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, build a green supply chain in the industrial chain, and reduce upstream and downstream transaction costs; Small and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises should speed up upgrading, work hard on green development, and build a green supply chain with large enterprises

Li Shousheng's statement received positive response from the participants. Jianghongfeng, member of the China Federation of logistics and procurement and the procurement and supply chain expert committee, believes that building a green supply chain should be customer-oriented, aim to improve quality and efficiency, and take the integration of resources as a means to achieve efficient collaboration in the whole process of product design, procurement, production, packaging, logistics, sales and services, and recycling

Lin Zhong, innovation director of Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd., believes that design is the source of petrochemical supply chain optimization. Based on the dynamic market data of raw materials, products and supply and marketing regions, combined with process models and technical and economic models, they have developed investment and product line supply chain optimization analysis tools to help the construction of petrochemical green supply chain

Qianzhaogang, general manager of Wanhua chemical procurement department, introduced that the company's group procurement has gone through three stages. Group procurement 1.0 realizes the unification of suppliers and procurement operation windows, while version 2.0 focuses on the unification of system platform, operation mode and management. Version 3.0 will enhance the procurement value by promoting the global cooperation of strategic suppliers based on the company/department culture and vision, Realize global resource allocation

the 2018 list of top 100 suppliers in China's petrochemical industry was also released at the meeting

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