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Huawei helps China Mobile to accelerate the cloud transformation based on SDN private cloud on a large scale

according to the official information from China Mobile Communications Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Mobile), China Mobile will adopt Huawei cloud fabric solution to build the SDN (Software Defined Network) data center project of the group's private cloud resource pool base

based on SDN technology, the scheme meets the needs of flexible deployment and rapid deployment of network resources, and will help China Mobile build a virtualized, elastic and scalable high reliability network, enabling the traditional IT system to evolve towards a centralized cloud computing platform

cloud computing has become one of the important strategies for the development of China Mobile enterprises. In order to meet the expansion needs of the group's internal IT system for the private cloud resource pool, China Mobile will build the private cloud resource pool in Hohhot and Harbin according to the principle of overall planning and appropriate advance

at the Hohhot node, Huawei provides the underlay group to provide physical bearer for the third-party overlay network; At the Harbin node, Huawei built the underlay and overlay networks and cooperated with third-party manufacturers to provide end-to-end cloud fabric solutions to help China Mobile build its largest cloud computing resource pool

10. displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Huawei cloud fabric solution for cloud data center network has the characteristics of elasticity, simplicity and openness:

cloudengine series switches can build 40ge/100ge high-speed interconnection network to help customers build high-quality products without blocking and large cache, including networks of macroporous aluminum based materials, silicon aluminum dry glue, catalyst, etc. at the same time, it combines SDN technology to realize network automation and expand and shrink capacity on demand

ag hardware system: the configuration components of the equipment and some crossbeams, columns and other hardware ile controllers realize the automatic deployment of one click network resources. In August 2016, the business launch cycle can be shortened from weeks to minutes, greatly shortening the business release cycle

agile controller supports seamless connection with mainstream cloud platforms such as Dayun (China Mobile's self-developed cloud platform) and open source openstack, and makes joint innovation with more than 20 industry partners to achieve unified distribution of ICT resources and network strategies as needed

as a leader in the SDN industry, Huawei actively makes joint innovation with industry-leading operators to enable the transformation of network architecture, provide agile and efficient network solutions, and help operators and enterprises succeed in cloud transformation. Facing the future, Huawei will continue to promote the development of SDN industry and help customers build core competitiveness in the cloud era

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