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Lasted nearly 7 months “ The first 365 green home public welfare inspection and rights protection activities in Shanghai ended yesterday. Reporters from the sponsor's “ It was learned at the spot check press conference that the random inspection of nearly 200 households by the authority showed that 90% of the households tested had indoor air pollution and formaldehyde exceeded the standard in varying degrees; More than 80% of the households tested have TVOC organic volatile concentration exceeding the standard, and most of its pollution is caused by non green building materials decoration or the addition of non environmental friendly furniture

experts revealed that these pollution sources are generally released from building decoration materials, paints, coatings and adhesives. Light cases will cause throat discomfort, skin redness and swelling, and serious cases will lead to human central nervous system, liver, kidney and blood poisoning

Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, the quality working committee of China Interior Decoration Association and other relevant organizations carried out in-depth research and summarized from many aspects, and summarized three phenomena that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers in different degrees in the interior decoration market &mdash& mdash;& mdash;

one of the infringement phenomena: deliberately delaying the completion date of interior decoration. According to the regulations, the decoration company shall carry out air testing by a third-party formal legal testing organization at the completion acceptance stage. While some decoration companies deliberately delayed the completion date, taking advantage of the owner's eager mentality to check in first, so as to avoid the responsibility of exceeding the standard of indoor decoration air pollution. Some furniture suppliers do not provide or provide false environmental protection E1 furniture certificates, resulting in the owners who are in the process of house decoration unable to identify the source of air pollution

infringement phenomenon 2: issue false detection report. Some indoor air purification companies have low technical ability, and use the so-called “ X-in-1 portable multifunctional air detector carries out air detection, or does not send the air on-site sampling to the authoritative detection laboratory in time, and colludes with illegal decoration companies, resulting in the issuance of inaccurate or even false data detection reports

infringement phenomenon 3: use inferior purification products. In order to maximize profits, some indoor air purification units and decoration companies have adopted fake purification or use low-quality purification products, or reduced the use of purification products, so that uninformed owners have been living in an environment with excessive air pollution, leading to the occurrence of induced diseases





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