Liu Meiping, a Taiyuan dealer of Lanqiao wardrobe,

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In the current fierce competition, only active marketing and activities can lead to a way out. Although I haven't done a special session of Hexiang board, it's better to try it. At the same time, I also believe in myself and the company's marketing team

interviewee: LAN Qiao wardrobe Taiyuan store Liu Meiping

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Liu, you are also the largest group of dealers of LAN Qiao, and you have been operating LAN Qiao for nearly 6 years, right

president Liu: Yes, nearly 6 years

home hotline: looking at Liu is always a woman. It is said that you are responsible for all the affairs in the store. How can you be so powerful

president Liu: in fact, people are forced out. I have been running LAN Qiao for nearly six years. I was also very confused at the beginning, but time can make people grow, which is also slowly explored in this process

home hotline: at yesterday's award ceremony, Liu always won the best league award. As the name suggests, he is the most active and excellent person to do activities. What do you think of Mr. Liu in doing activities? How often do you do activities on average

Mr. Liu: we have an alliance team in the local area, which basically does activities every month. Every time, it's those people. They slowly have a tacit understanding and become more and more passionate. The last time, I came here just after the activity ended. On July 19, the members of the team are very hard-working, very serious and demanding in execution, so we have this achievement

home hotline: I heard that President Liu is preparing for the second store. Where is he going to open it? Why do you plan to open a second store

Mr. Liu: my current store is in the Hexi store of the incredibly home in Taiyuan. I plan to open a branch in the incredibly home in the Southern District of Taiyuan, because I think the market in Taiyuan is very large. I only have a Hexi store in this area, and the Southern District is also a large market. Since I have these experiences and customers, I think I am absolutely in line with opening a second store. Of course, I also want to be stronger in Taiyuan

home hotline: then how does president Liu plan marketing next

Mr. Liu: in June, Mr. Yuan and the regional manager of the company visited me. Mr. Yuan's trip was very enlightening to me. His teaching to me benefited me a lot. I have gained a lot from store management, personnel management and team expansion. Now I can manage the team more skillfully, and I want to be ready, I decided to prepare for Hexiang board marketing activities after the dealer conference, because I think that under the fierce competition now, only active marketing and activities can have a way out. Although I haven't done a special session of Hexiang board, it's better to move than not to move. At the same time, I also believe in myself and the company's marketing team. I'm sure to make money no matter what the result is, because at least I can earn the team Earn brand influence, so I want to try it boldly. At the same time, I will continue to do my alliance activities well and make LAN Qiao's career more hot

home hotline: Thank you, Mr. Liu, for accepting our interview. Thank you





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