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After you get the new house, you usually can't wait to find a decorator to decorate it, so that you can live in it as soon as possible. You can understand the mood of wanting to live in the new house, but you can't be careless in the decoration of water and electricity. If you don't pay attention to it, it will damage the Feng Shui at home. What Feng Shui needs attention in the decoration of water and electricity? Today, Xiaobian will come to talk with you

first, don't rush for success

when decorating a home, many people will also expect the decoration to be faster, so that they can live in their new home earlier. Therefore, when decorating, they casually found a decoration company and stipulated that they finish the decoration as soon as possible. However, in fact, it's not good to do so, thinking that in this process, we only listen to the regulations of the decoration company and lack our own thinking, At the same time, doing so may also cause some problems. If some decoration companies are not good, the master's work level is not perfect. After living in, it may also cause trouble. At the same time, he didn't do his homework well before the decoration, and he didn't understand it at all in the process of decoration, which is easy to be seduced by the master

second, we can't do without the overall concept

home decoration is not a simple problem of choosing some beautiful homes, such as a favorite ceiling. When decorating, you need to consider the overall effect. Before decorating, it's best to determine the style of the room in the family, and at the same time, the layout position of the furniture, so that the effect of decoration will be more perfect. Because in the process of decorating, It can require the workers to reserve some air conditioning holes or sockets for you in advance, so that after the decoration, they won't say that they need to use the air conditioner and start punching again, which is more ugly

third, you can't "cut across the board" regardless of primary and secondary.

normally, some residents don't understand it when decorating, so the overall style of the family is the same when decorating, but this kind of decoration is not very good. Because we decorate like this, almost every room looks the same, so living for a long time may give people a sense of boredom. Because there is no primary and secondary, Therefore, when decorating, it is better to propose that everyone should prioritize, so that the effect of building decoration will be more beautiful, and at the same time, living for a long time will not be too boring

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I'm sure many friends like to go to other people's homes and feel that their homes are well decorated after reading it. This must happen. However, in the view of decorators with common sense, this is not good. Because many objects are all patchwork, although the parts will be very good, but the overall situation is not coordinated, And many people will also move around stiffly, making the home decoration feel messy, so it is suggested that everyone should remember

so we can't pay attention to oneortwo things alone when decorating the family, because the newly decorated home is still living by ourselves, so we need to pay attention to it all the time when decorating. There are still some Feng Shui problems in the details of decoration, so we can pay more attention to it, so that our new home can be decorated more comfortable and beautiful

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the relationship between husband and wife depends not only on the relationship mode between husband and wife, but also on the bedroom Feng Shui between husband and wife. After all, for husband and wife, the bedroom is a private space for both parties. How the bedroom of husband and wife will affect the emotional fate and harmony between husband and wife, so we must try our best to avoid some bedroom Feng Shui that is detrimental to the relationship between husband and wife, So what are the taboos of Feng Shui furnishings in the bedroom that are detrimental to the relationship between husband and wife? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

bedroom Feng Shui decoration taboos that are unfavorable to the relationship between husband and wife

uncover the secrets of bedroom Feng Shui decoration taboos that are unfavorable to the relationship between husband and wife

1. Choose the right position of the bed to make you sleep better and love each other

the position of the bed affects the degree of love between small couples at home. Positioning each other can not only make you sleep better, but also help the Feng Shui in the bedroom and further enhance the relationship between husband and wife

2. The bed is too close to the glass window: husband and wife often quarrel

empty and helpless, unable to be down-to-earth, affecting the development of their career. If the bed is too close to the window, the bedroom will not be able to maintain its privacy; In addition, as the city becomes more and more complex, annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window and affect your sleep; There are also bedridden too close to the window, which is easy to lead to "red apricots coming out of the wall", and it will also lead to frequent quarrels between husband and wife

3. The TV is facing the bed: there are more feelings

many people will like to place the TV in the bedroom, and it is facing the bed, so that it is convenient for the owner to watch TV in bed. But the TV is facing the bed, and close to it is not conducive to the bedroom Feng Shui. TV is a radioactive object. If it is too close to bed, it is easy to cause the owner to lack sleep and be in low spirits. When facing emotional problems, he loses his mind and his feelings often go wrong

4. Lying in bed facing the bathroom: marital incompatibility

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