The decoration price of 100 square meters may rise

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Recently, the news that the decoration price will rise in 2014 has been widely spread. Will the decoration rise and when? Have become the most concerned problem of Wuhan home decoration owners. In this regard, most of the people in charge of home decoration said that in the case of rising prices of main materials and labor costs, the decoration price in 2014 must be the president. Insiders said that the increase is likely to be about 10%. Xiaobian made a rough calculation. If this is true, the owners of Wuhan who decorate a 100 square meter house this year are likely to spend 15000-20000 yuan more

according to relevant data, in the decoration field this year, the labor cost increased by about 30% to 50%, the price of main materials increased by about 20%, the price of auxiliary materials such as wires, pipes, hardware increased by about 20%, and the price of cement increased by about 6% to 8%. According to this calculation, the decoration price of a house with an area of 100 square meters this year is expected to rise by 15000 yuan to 20000 yuan over last year. "The decoration price will definitely rise this year, but the specific time of price rise has not been determined. The price level in 2013 should be maintained at least in February." The person in charge of a real decoration company said. Some decoration company staff said that the company has not received the notice of price increase for the time being, so consumers can still enjoy the price of last year's decoration in February

labor cost accounts for about 40% of the total decoration cost, and the rise of labor cost will inevitably lead to the rise of quotation of decoration companies. In recent years, the rise in labor costs of workers is no longer a problem in the industry. From the 30-50 yuan per day labor cost in 2000 to the 40-45 yuan/m2 for bricklaying today; The average daily wages of oil workers, water electricians and carpenters have reached 250 to 280 yuan. Workers with better skills will increase by 15% or more on this basis. The rise in labor costs makes it difficult for both owners and decoration companies. For example, the original 100 square meter house can be decorated with 50000 or 60000 yuan, but now the decoration using the same materials and achieving the same effect will cost nearly 10000 yuan more. "The price of building materials, especially labor costs, has risen, and the price of decoration must also rise. It is the so-called wool comes from sheep, otherwise most decoration companies can't do it." The person in charge of a decoration company said




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