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Huawei shares network security practices with Spain's National Network Security Agency (ctiforum) on June 27 (Liwenjie): a few days ago, Chen Lifang, a director and senior vice president of Huawei, met with a delegation led by Miguel Rego, CEO of Spain's national network security agency, at Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen. The Spanish national network security agency is subordinate to the Spanish Ministry of industry, energy and tourism

chenlifang, a director and senior vice president of Huawei, met with a delegation from the national network security administration of Spain.

accompanied by pangjimin, Minister of government affairs of Huawei, and Jin Yong, CEO of Huawei in Spain, Miguel Rego visited Huawei's R & D center and learned about Huawei's network security strategy. In addition, he also visited Huawei's production center and learned how Huawei integrates network security requirements into production and supply chain management

chenlifang said: it is a great honor to receive a delegation from the Spanish national security agency. This visit has further consolidated the cooperative relationship between the two sides. We particularly appreciate the pragmatic and open spirit of the Spanish government and its determination to actively cooperate and meet challenges. We believe that on the basis of the extensive network security business carried out by the Spanish national network security agency, the cooperation prospect of PVC powder SG (7) 100 will be more and more broad

Miguel said: I am honored to lead a delegation from the Spanish National Network Security Bureau to visit Huawei to understand the future development trend of ICT. Huawei has been committed to R & D investment in the past 10 years. What we have seen and heard during this visit shows that Huawei's network security guarantee in the supply chain and production is undoubtedly the world's leading level in terms of output growth. In addition, we have also identified areas of cooperation in the future. I believe that the cooperation between the two sides will move to a new level in the future

in February this year, Huawei Spain signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish national network security agency. According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate to jointly promote the sharing and experience exchange of network security protection measures and other best practices. In addition, both parties will also strive to improve users' awareness of network safety, enhance network safety capability, and promote the implementation and development of network safety that cannot be used to test rubber tensile properties

the cardboard of the Xiban hypothesis test is thicker. The government of Jamaica has always adhered to the spirit of cooperation and openness. This time, both sides aim to ensure network security through an open and transparent way and jointly deal with this global challenge. Huawei is the world's leading provider of ICT products and services. It operates in more than 170 countries and regions. It has been actively cooperating and sharing experience with global public organizations, enterprises and users. So far, Huawei has joined a number of industry standards organizations, including 3GPP, ETSI, IETF, IEEE and gfce (global network capability Forum), and sponsored a number of activities, such as the international information society day isms forum, which gathered global network security experts

in addition, Huawei has taken various measures to ensure the security of its operations and the reliability of its networks and terminals. According to its own processes and consumer needs, Huawei has established an end-to-end network security assurance system, integrating security requirements into all business processes. In Europe, Huawei strictly abides by EU laws and regulations related to network security

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