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Huawei has built an open and cooperative ecological chain to accelerate the industrialization of nfv

nfv (network function virtualization) although it was officially born only three years ago, it has shown huge market space and vigorous vitality. However, its real landing is inseparable from the support of an open and cooperative ecosystem. As the main force in the industrialization of nfv, Huawei has always adhered to an open mind and is committed to building a healthy ecological chain with its partners. Nfv open lab has undertaken such an important task

since the formal announcement of its completion on January 20, 2015, Huawei Xi'an nfv open laboratory has gone through a year. In the past year, the laboratory has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements in the fields of integration verification, joint innovation, demonstration and promotion, promoting the further maturity of the ecosystem

nfv open laboratory aggregate industry value

with the rise of mobile Internet and the gradual disappearance of demographic dividend, the competitive environment faced by operators has changed dramatically, and the business form of enclosure garden has also been broken. On the other hand, facing the connected world, the experience needs and user behaviors of end consumers show five characteristics of roads, namely real-time, on-demand, all online, personalized self-help (DIY) and social sharing

in this case, the existing telecommunications infrastructure architecture is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain, and operators need to transform to the ICT integrated cloud architecture. Nfv came into being. Nfv redefines the telecom network and realizes openness, intelligence and agility. Its essence is the virtualization and cloud of network equipment. Virtualization realizes the decoupling of software and hardware. Cloud realizes the sharing of hardware resources and the automatic scaling of the system with the size of the business, so as to support the rapid innovation and rapid listing of the business

Huawei believes that changing the closed characteristics of traditional telecommunication networks, shortening the business innovation cycle, reducing operating costs and creating an open industrial chain are the essence of nfv's value. However, in the process of realizing nfv, operators face many challenges. In addition to the consistency, reliability and interoperability of products from different manufacturers, they also need to overcome the difficulties such as high integration complexity, unclear percentage of the length of plastic elongation of the newcomers to the length of the original sample called elongation or elongation industry mode, and lack of later operation and maintenance experience

seeing this, Huawei has made strategic investment in the nfv open laboratory. Through this platform, it can aggregate the value of the industry and the ecological chain, jointly promote the development of nfv, support the network evolution and business transformation of operators. On january20,2015, Xi'an nfv open laboratory with an initial investment of more than 5million US dollars was officially completed

the laboratory has more than 500 global nfv professional service engineers and senior technical experts. It has three functions. One is to build multi scenario and multi vendor integration verification capabilities, that is, flexibly build a multi vendor integration verification platform for each typical business scenario, and gradually build a big data analysis platform through continuous integration and project practice, Solution for operation: apply voltage regulator to adjust voltage to provide reliable data support for nfv network business planning and support decision-making; Second, rapidly carry out joint solution development and innovation with industry organizations, operators and partners, and conduct mutual authentication and authorization; Third, build an open and cooperative ecological chain of nfv

its objectives include building IOT compatibility database through POC experience accumulation and continuous test verification; Through joint innovation and mutual certification between laboratories, customers and partners, the ecosystem is gradually built and improved; Strengthen the primary integration capability, ensure fast and reliable delivery and business migration, and reduce integration complexity; The high reliability of the network is ensured by building an integrated verification platform with multiple scenarios and multiple vendors; Research on new network operation system and personnel empowerment after commercial deployment of nfv

leapfrog development accelerates the industrialization process of nfv

in 2015, Huawei nfv open laboratory walked out of a straight upward development track. Relying on this laboratory, Huawei, together with operators, partners and industry organizations, has effectively accelerated the industrialization of nfv

nfv open laboratory has attracted a number of mainstream manufacturers and operators to jointly carry out in-depth exploration in technology and business fields for integration verification and joint innovation. By the end of 2015, it had completed multi vendor testing and certification with 21 mainstream manufacturers, and supported pre integration verification of more than 30 projects to improve service deliverability

in August 2015, Huawei announced that it and red hat had completed the first stage of multi manufacturer scenario agile integration and high-performance LTE large traffic scenario test based on nfv MBB network architecture in the nfv open laboratory. Based on Huawei fusionserver e9000 server, RedHat osp6.0 platform, Huawei cloudedge solution, mano and other software and hardware environments, the two sides conducted tests and verifications in the fields of vertical integration, vnf (virtual network function) integration, mano (management and configuration) integration, data throughput capacity, load balancing capacity and so on in the multi manufacturer environment. Through this in-depth cooperation, the integrability of multi vendor devices and the basic capabilities of nfv were verified, and an agile and open nfv cloud MBB network construction scheme was provided for the industry

in November 2015, Huawei announced that it had completed the nfv network architecture integration test based on multi manufacturer environment with Wind River in the nfv open laboratory. Both parties verified the integrability between the layers in the nfv network architecture, as well as the basic virtualization capabilities of Wind River titanium server and the basic functions of Huawei cloudcore/cloudedge. A total of 6 types of use cases and 56 test cases were involved. All test items were finally passed, further enriching the nfv integration service experience base

meanwhile, nfv open laboratory has completed three cross product solution verifications in the past year. Relying on this laboratory, Huawei has improved its nfv system integration solution, helping operators build an advanced and open nfv platform and enhance brand competitiveness through consulting, system integration services and operation and maintenance technical support services. By the end of 2015, Huawei nfv integration services had carried out POC project integration verification and commercial project delivery with 47 leading operators

in July 2015, Huawei helped Vodafone Italy open the world's first nfv based volte commercial network, responsible for the vertical integration of the entire cloud system from the underlying hardware, cloud operating system to the upper IMS software. In the ooredoo project, Huawei is responsible for the end-to-end architecture design and delivery of third-party nfvi devices including HP and VMware as the first major system integrator (PSI), marking that it has successfully possessed the primary nfv integration capability

Demonstration Center for global promotion of nfv technology

Huawei nfv open laboratory is not only an incubation center for integration capabilities, an innovation center for ICT transformation, but also a demonstration center for global promotion of nfv technology. In the past year, the laboratory received hundreds of visitors, making important contributions to continuously expanding the impact of nfv and expanding the ecological chain

visitors also spoke highly of Huawei's nfv strength. For example, a senior manager of a multinational operator pointed out that Huawei's nfv integration service has made faster progress than expected

after the visit, the chief technical officer of a European operator said: Huawei has always been at the forefront of the industry in the capacity-building of nfv integrated services. During this visit, I saw the NVF open laboratory, the construction of the ecological chain and the pre verification of the operator's first-line projects. All these made me believe that Huawei has the ability to help operators realize the smooth evolution of nfv networks

up to now, Huawei has gathered more than 150 partners relying on the nfv open laboratory. According to c114, the laboratory was selected as one of the global standardized open source laboratories by opnfv. Opnfv is conducting joint research on 40 technical topics, of which 10 topics led by Huawei are being verified, ranking first among the manufacturers leading the project verification

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