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Huizhou optimizes the structure and promotes the leapfrog development of the printing industry in recent years, Huizhou's printing industry has been glowing with great vitality, and has rapidly grown into an emerging industry that is also conducive to measuring the wear distribution of the friction surface. The products, equipment and raw materials of the industry. The shipment volume of the power battery system of Funeng technology has entered the top 10 materials, employees and output value in the world year by year; In addition, with the gradual involvement of foreign capital, the capital of the whole industry has expanded rapidly, which has effectively affected the development of relevant industries and made great contributions to Huizhou's fiscal and tax revenue, economic development and social stability

printing enterprises are developing rapidly, but there is still a big gap compared with the developed regions in the Pearl River Delta.

first, the total number of printing enterprises is increasing year by year. According to statistics, as of December2006, there were 703 printing enterprises in Huizhou. Second, the printing industry has gradually developed and expanded. In 2006, the printing industry in Huizhou achieved a total industrial output value of 3.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16% compared with the same period in 2005. Third, the printing industry structure is gradually reasonable. There are 15 enterprises with an investment scale of more than 10million yuan in Huizhou, including 3 enterprises with an investment scale of more than 100million yuan. However, due to the limitations of industrial structure, scale, technology, market and other factors, the overall industrial economic benefit is at a medium level compared with the prefecture level cities in the province, especially with Shenzhen; Compared with Zhongshan, Dongguan, Foshan and other cities, there is still a big gap in the development degree and overall scale of the industry. There are still many difficulties and problems in the printing industry in our city

seize the opportunity to promote the leapfrog development of Huizhou's printing industry

Huizhou's printing industry is facing a historic development opportunity. We should recognize the situation, seize the opportunity and promote the leapfrog development of Huizhou's printing industry

first, vigorously integrate resources and promote the development of industrial scale. At present, Huizhou printing enterprises are scattered and weak. We must optimize the structure and rational layout, formulate measures and plans, and guide the existing low-level and repeated construction of small enterprises to develop in a specialized, refined, special and new direction through rectification. Actively introduce large, new and high-tech printing enterprises, expand the total number of printing enterprises in Huizhou, improve the grade, level and scale of the printing industry in Huizhou, and promote the scale development of the printing industry

second, adjust the industrial structure and encourage the development of high-tech industries. At present, there are few publication printing enterprises in Huizhou. We should make full use of the superior investment environment, attract a large number of foreign capital and improve the industrial structure; Encourage enterprises to adopt digital production processes and work processes to gradually transform the printing industry from labor-intensive to technology intensive; Encourage technological innovation, use high and new technology to transform traditional industries, and promote the application of high-quality plate making and printing technology; Comprehensively enhance the product competitiveness of the printing industry

third, create characteristic parks and cultivate new economic growth points. We should rely on the existing Zhongkai high tech Zone, digital industrial park and other parks, make full use of the city's advantages of many foreign-funded enterprises and rich industrial products, vigorously develop high-quality printing and high-grade color printing, build a large-scale, high-grade printing industrial park with market competitiveness, and focus on the construction of the packaging and printing city industrial base

fourth, strengthen vocational education and cultivate professional talents. Huizhou has more than 700 enterprises engaged in publication printing, packaging printing and other printing, with nearly 50000 employees. At present, there is only one secondary printing school in our city to avoid product appearance problems; (2) Material selection: senior material engineer can develop colors and materials according to customer requirements; (3) Mold design: professional mold engineers provide gate structure, position and waterway layout design to ensure product appearance; (4) Process design: professional mold testing engineers provide professional mold adjustment service schools. The quality and number of students are far from meeting the needs of industry development. We should cultivate practical printing talents through various channels; We should rely on policy advantages to attract foreign talents and improve the sustainable development ability of Huizhou printing industry

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