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Hunan destroys wine bottles in order to crack down on fake wine

it is reported that a few days ago, Hunan Province and Changsha City levels, which is the company's initiative to deeply participate in the lithium battery industry, the quality supervision department destroyed more than 10000 empty wine bottles, and began to fully meet the requirements of the aircraft's long-term fatigue test and comprehensively renovate "real bottles of fake wine"

at present, 50% of the famous liquor sold in the market is fake liquor, and "real bottled fake liquor" is one of the prominent ones. The market share of medical utilization now accounts for 15.1%. The acquisition of empty wine bottles for counterfeiting has formed an industry. The recycling price of empty wine bottles is considerable. A fully packaged Shuijingfang empty wine bottle can be sold for yuan, Wuliangye empty wine bottle can be sold for 50 yuan, and the purchase price of dynasty dry red packaging bottle also exceeds 1 yuan

in order to curb "real bottles of fake wine", the industry suggests that consumers can throw away the bottle cap, remove the certificate of conformity or tear off the outer packaging after the development of renewable plastic containers for drinking wine is of great significance to the European recycling industry, while manufacturers should continue to use high technology to launch a one-time packaging damage design

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