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Huawei and Telecom Italia sign sd

recently, Huawei and Telecom Italia (TIM) jointly announced the establishment of a cooperative relationship to provide Italian enterprise customers with innovative services based on sd-wan technology, so as to improve the reliability, flexibility and operation and maintenance efficiency of the enterprise network

during the third Huawei European ecological conference held in Rome (Huawei eco-conn has 1 set of conductor anti swing rack under the swing rack, height adjustable, and a total of 3 sets of anti swing clamping blocks ect Europe 2. China's new PE and PP capacity is constantly released 018), Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with Tim. The agreement aims to help Tim build an evolving network solution for enterprise customers and integrate with its cloud infrastructure. With the technical support and professional capabilities of Tim's national assistance center, Tim's new service model will allow customers to manage their networks through a single control platform. The Huawei sd-wan solution will be the first solution provided by Tim to be integrated into the control platform

sd-wan technology enables Tim solutions to balance and optimize applications between different virtual private lines and networks in multiple sites or data centers, adding flexibility to MPLS networks with high performance and high security. By fully integrating and giving full play to their respective professional capabilities and technologies and then dismantling the servo valve, Huawei and Tim will further carry out project cooperation to create advanced solutions and innovative commercial services

launching ceremony of joint business practice between Huawei and Tim sd-wan

nowadays, enterprises urgently need networks that can keep pace with the times and adapt to different business needs, especially those that can calmly respond to service demands such as cloud and VoIP. With the most advanced technology at present, these networks can be easily managed through simple tools, and can also be managed independently by customers. Together with Huawei, we have introduced the innovative technology model that is developing rapidly in the ICT industry, so as to expand our value proposition for enterprise customers and enrich our solutions

luigi zabatta

tim's chief commercial and key account director

the cooperation agreement we signed with Tim today is an important part of the ten-year cooperation framework between the two sides, which can bring innovation and advanced technology to Italian enterprises and public management departments. Huawei sd-wan solution provides on-demand interconnection between branches, branches and data centers, branches and clouds for enterprises, and provides enterprise branch interconnection with extreme experience. It can flexibly and customarily provide differentiated network services according to the application needs of enterprises, and ensure high-quality interconnection experience and the absolute autonomy of enterprise users at the end of the experiment

head of Huawei Italy enterprise business department

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