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Huawei helps Hankou bank to create a 24-hour remote teller service

Hankou bank takes the lead in launching remote teller service in Central China by using the Huawei VTM remote banking solution platform. It provides 7x24 hour all-weather teller self-service, which can greatly provide convenience for citizens and make it a reality to open cards and purchase wealth management after work

ctiforum news on June 30 (recorded by Liwenjie, the owner of gb/t 838 ⑴ 998 glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin sand inclusion pressure pipe): Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solution provider, recently announced that Hankou bank universal self-service bank, which provides VTM remote banking solution by Huawei, was officially launched, and can provide 7x24 hours of video teller face-to-face service for customers. Hankou bank's flagship VTM remote bank in chuhehan street, chuhehan Street Business District, Wuhan Central Cultural Zone, has been launched at about 1.0 ℃/min at - 20 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃. Customers can open accounts, handle cards, invest in wealth management, sign e-banking contracts, report losses and other businesses that can only be handled at the traditional counter at any time with the assistance of remote tellers, thus breaking away from the restrictions on working hours at the bank

Picture Description: live picture of VTM, the flagship site of Hankou bank

Hankou bank needs to continuously expand its business coverage in the process of business development, but there are many difficulties for branches to build new business sites. VTM remote banking is a new exhibition channel between e-banking channel and manned counter service, and it is an extension of the manual counter. Through HD video, identity verification and other means, customers can conduct video communication and business processing with banking personnel. Hankou bank has built an experiential banking business hall, taking VTM remote banking as an important part of future business experience, focusing on personal business. After half a year of operation exploration, Hankou bank tried to deploy six VTMS in different locations, flagship stores, self-service business halls and other areas. At present, it has realized dozens of businesses such as card issuing, password loss reporting, e-banking signing and so on. Subsequently, it gradually transferred most of the cumbersome counter businesses through VTM remote banking 3 And will continue to expand the scope of VTM deployment

Hankou bank VTM remote banking takes Huawei VTM remote banking solution as the platform, and the whole solution has good scalability. It can smooth the number of capacity expansion points in the future, and it can also smooth the business function by measuring smoothly. Hankou bank said that in the future, based on the statistical data analysis of the specific business applications of VTM remote banks, it will further expand the business scope of VTM remote banks, and gradually transfer the pure business handling of low added value in the original counter business to VTM remote banks, so that the manual counters can more realize the marketing function of high added value

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