How to realize the profit of e-commerce project

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How to realize the profitability of e-commerce projects

more and more companies around the world are using e-commerce to enhance their business and marketing strength, so that enterprises will always remain invincible, and there are still very few successful companies in this field

as we all know, with the advent of the information age, the application of e-commerce is not only the need of the development of the future era, but also the key factor for the long-term development of enterprises. As an enterprise strategic decision, many companies with vision have planned, invested and operated this project. Many companies have taken many detours, resulting in the input/output ratio is not proportional. They have actively explored this emerging project, and have never found a profit model that belongs to the soaring paper price, resulting in the stagnation or even failure of e-commerce projects

in order to promote the application of e-commerce in all walks of life and bring business benefits to enterprises/companies, the author talks about several key elements of realizing the profit model of e-commerce according to the successful cases of operating e-commerce projects, hoping to bring you work experience

in order to realize the profit of our company's e-commerce projects, we must first avoid three major misunderstandings:

1. We think that with a company station, we can carry out e-commerce

2. I think that if you become a member of Alibaba or some stations chengxintong, with this background working platform, you will think that you are carrying out enterprise e-commerce, and your destiny is always in the hands of others

3. If you invite someone who understands network technology or theory to do e-commerce, you can succeed. You will never get to the point and will not make a profit

the three key points that determine whether the e-commerce project of the company can be profitable are:

1. Feasible e-commerce project implementation scheme

2. Establish the main body of e-commerce project - network marketing platform

3. High quality project implementation talents

1. Feasible project operation scheme

the main purpose of a company's decision to do e-commerce is to sell products and develop customers at all levels, Market development is the core goal to bring direct economic benefits to the company. Therefore, we must fully formulate the e-commerce project plan, conduct market research from different angles, and formulate reasonable project strategic development goals and tactical plans in combination with the company's existing products and business conditions, so that the subsequent actions can be carried out in a planned way

most companies that fail in this project basically do not have a feasible project plan, or the project plan is very empty, or do not know how to write at all, lose their work direction, and waste time and money. The author provides you with a successful e-commerce project plan (Note: This is a successful e-commerce marketing plan case that has been practiced and proved feasible) key points for your reference:

profit plan of XXX company's e-commerce project

1, background analysis

2. Company strategy, target market and target customer positioning

3. Sales target and profit target

4. Marketing 4C of e-commerce (equivalent to 4P)

5. Marketing policy

6. Resource demand

7. Organizational structure and personnel functions

8. E-commerce input/output budget

9. Various marketing measures

10. Emergency measures for emergencies

11. Monitoring and detection of work at all stages

12. Incentive policy

second, establish a working platform for their own e-commerce projects

many companies think that by building a company station, they can attract customers. In fact, this is wrong. The company station is only a propaganda station, which is not an ideal window for B to B or B to C customers. In order to make e-commerce successful, we must establish a sales e-commerce station, design various modules, so that B to B customers or B to C customers can directly obtain what they need through this platform, so that the marketing cost of the enterprise is greatly reduced. Now, with the cost involved in the module of the station greatly reduced, it does not need more than 10000 yuan to establish such a standard platform, which greatly reduces the cost investment of hundreds of thousands of yuan than before. With such a main platform, it is easy to make profits when starting an e-commerce project with the promotion of other stations such as Alibaba, Huicong and so on

to establish such a marketing station is not only a platform for customers at all levels to trade, or even serve, but also to create assets for the company. With the continuous increase of station revenue and the accumulation of time, this e-commerce marketing platform will one day become the most valuable asset of the company. Only visionary entrepreneurs and strategic managers can truly realize the core value of e-commerce

III. high quality project talents

a good e-commerce project implementation plan should be formulated by people with rich experience, and it also needs good project talents to implement, so as to bring real profits to the project. At present, many companies not only want to achieve low investment and high output in company management, market development, services and other aspects through the e-commerce model, but also are reluctant to pay for high-level e-commerce project talents, thinking that it is OK to find anyone who knows technology or network knowledge in e-commerce to come back. None of these companies has achieved success, and the result is negative output

in fact, all the talents who really understand e-commerce operation are successful professionals who have experienced many battles. Their ability to operate projects is actually higher than the deputy general manager level of traditional marketing recruitment. Most companies that can truly operate e-commerce projects successfully are willing to invest, and basically can get returns. Relying on their low base weight, and the positive input/output ratio is quite high

as such talents:

first, we must have rich traditional marketing management skills in order to formulate a successful business strategy, which is the core

second, we should have information networking skills, and technology can be outsourced

third, we should have integrity

fourth: you should have business ability and know how to realize input/output

fifth: the ability of continuous innovation

of course, such high requirements are only for the primary person in charge of the project, and the executive staff can be reduced. Although such talents are still relatively few at present, with the development of e-commerce, companies attach great importance to this project, and the self-growth speed and training speed of talents will accelerate, and the supply will exceed the demand

IV. integrate the operation of e-commerce projects in combination with the company's original market policies, and produce the effect of 1 + 12

for a new company to adopt e-commerce mode to expand the market, there may be no restrictions on the original policies, and it can be bold to innovate and carry out projects freely. Of course, the new company has no original accumulation foundation, and the return cycle of e-commerce projects may be relatively long

for a company with an existing business foundation, let's wait and see. When introducing e-commerce projects, we must consider the series coordination with the original policies, so that the project can produce a 1+1 2 Effect for the company. Normally, such a company can introduce e-commerce projects quickly. If the plan is feasible, the operation method is appropriate, and the talents are competent, the project can generally achieve profits within one year. Through quantitative analysis, It can promote the company's future operation to a new level, such as marketing performance, reduced market development costs, increased customers, beneficial service value, low and efficient service cost, which will raise the company's overall performance to a new level with some corresponding experimental data, leading the competitors

with the advent of the information age, production-oriented companies will inevitably have to introduce e-commerce to improve their business performance in the future. We believe that in the next few years, e-commerce will be a successful model widely used in production-oriented enterprises. We sincerely hope that more and more successful enterprises will emerge in the field of e-commerce

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