How to realize professional lighting in the hottes

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How to realize professional lighting in gymnasiums

how to realize professional lighting in gymnasiums

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original title: how to achieve professional lighting in gymnasiums

with the continuous improvement of material level, we pay more and more attention to our spiritual civilization and physical health, and sports have become a part of our life. Sports can not only strengthen our health, but also relax our busy body and mind. It can be said that sports have become an indispensable part of our fast-paced urban life

corresponding sports need sports venues that you want to cooperate with. For example, stadiums are more suitable for outdoor sports such as track and field, football and rugby, and stadiums are more suitable for indoor sports such as basketball, badminton and table tennis. Because stadiums are indoor competition venues, they cover an area several times to dozens of times smaller than stadiums

basketball and badminton are the most used items in the stadium. The basketball court is generally 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. The specification of badminton court is 13.40 meters long, doubles is 6.10 meters wide, and singles is 5.18 meters wide. Different sports have different requirements for lighting, so the gymnasium is an important part of sports lighting design. 1. Sample machine: 1 set of punching machine; Or use the injection molding machine to obtain more than 5 standard samples; And complex. It should not only meet the requirements of basketball players and spectators, but also meet the requirements of television shooting and television broadcasting for lighting color temperature, color rendering index, illumination and so on, which is much higher than the requirements of athletes and spectators

in addition, the lighting layout of lighting fixtures should also be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the gymnasium and the structural form of the stands. In particular, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design, which should be comprehensively considered

the lighting design of the sports hall in the past two years is characterized by large lighting space and long distance. Therefore, the high-efficiency led sports lighting of the Chinese Big Dipper is generally used for the field lighting. The specific method of lighting depends on the characteristics and structure of the stadium. In the layout of Huaxia Beidou led sports lighting fixtures, the lighting of the auditorium and the emergency lighting of the competition venue should also be considered to ensure safe evacuation

when the gymnasium uses inferior lamps, athletes will have stroboscopic effect when observing the ball moving at high speed, especially at high speed; At the same time, TV broadcasting will also be greatly affected. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, we should choose Huaxia Beidou star with a better degree of professionalism. Huaxia Beidou star lamp "has no stroboscopic effect", which will not cause eye fatigue and protect eye health! The influence of environmental humidity on the mechanical properties of plastics is significant

how much water a barrel can hold does not depend on the longest board, but on the shortest board. Whether a gymnasium is professional or not does not depend on how vast its site is, but on its lighting effect. If the lighting effect is not up to standard, it will greatly affect the physical health and sports status of athletes, so the issue of sports lighting should be put on the agenda, thank you

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