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How can printing enterprises realize green printing?

with the strengthening of environmental awareness, green printing is not a short-term fashion, but an inevitable development trend. The so-called green printing refers to the purpose that printing companies should have the awareness of protecting the environment, strengthen the concept of paying attention to environmental protection, vigorously promote the work of saving resources and energy, implement circular economy, adhere to the scientific concept of development, eliminate the harm caused by environmental protection problems in printing, and then create a good living space for mankind. So how can we achieve green printing? This problem has been puzzling most printing enterprises. Now we have a lot of opinions on this aspect through exploration

first of all, we can improve the printing materials

for example, water-based ink is recognized as an environmental friendly printing material in the world, because water is a polar substance. According to the characteristics of the solubility of polar substances and polar substances, we should also consider the following characteristics in practical application: water-based ink does not contain or only a very small amount of organic solvents. Therefore, the biggest advantage of water-based ink is to reduce VOC emissions, thus avoiding the pollution of volatile organic compounds, The printing environment is improved, which is conducive to human health

in addition, it can also reduce the potential fire hazards caused by static electricity and flammable solvents, and reduce the residual solvent odor on the surface of printed matter

secondly, use environmental protection technology to deal with waste gas and waste

collect all kinds of waste generated in the printing process, recycle valuable items such as paper, and recycle hard degradable substances harmful to the environment such as film and plastic film, which are uniformly recycled by the garbage recycling station for resource treatment or sanitary landfill

at this stage, due to process and other reasons, we have to use all kinds of polluting printing materials, such as oily ink, oily film coating, oily glazing, etc. the harmful and toxic gases generated in the process of use can be treated by means of suction adsorption, recovery, catalytic combustion and other methods, so as to reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the working environment and reduce the harm to human body, Does the same service reduce the impact of harmful gases on the environment when it is in place "Today's liliansi pollution.

finally, optimize the green packaging design

the packaging design should follow the design concept of harmlessness, ecology and reduction, and comprehensively evaluate the utilization of resources, environmental impact and solutions from many aspects, such as material selection, structure and function, manufacturing process, packaging method, storage form, product use and waste disposal.

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