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How can the smart street lamp industry realize a virtuous development cycle

the continuous advancement of urbanization has brought more challenges and pressures to urban planning, construction, management and development. In this context, China further proposes to build a new smart city on the basis of previous smart city theory and practice. In recent years, many cities in China have successively carried out smart city pilot work, which has improved the level of public services, improved management capabilities, and promoted urban economic development to a certain extent. However, the development of smart cities still faces many problems and challenges. As an important entrance to smart city construction, how can smart street lamps help the development of smart cities? How to complement each other with the lamp post of wisdom

on the morning of June 10, hosted by Huzhou Mingshuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., and hosted by Guangzhou Aladdin contact Technology Co., Ltd., the "2019 thinking lighting - attack and defense: a new plan for Urban Smart refined management - Smart street lamp head special forum" will bring together heavy guests in the fields of smart city, smart management, smart street lamp head, smart electricity, smart security and so on, Discuss new solutions for urban fine management under the development of new smart cities

Mingshuo technology, which has always been at the forefront of the development of smart street lamp industry, will be the heavyweight guests of this conference to share the latest smart street lamp cap technology and application cases. On this occasion, Aladdin center interviewed Jiang Wei, deputy general manager of Mingshuo technology, to talk about the highlights of this conference and the latest development direction of the smart street lamp industry from his perspective

Aladdin lighting: 2019 thinking about lighting - attack and defense: a new plan for smart and refined management of the city - a special forum on smart road lamp caps will be held soon. What is your original intention of holding this activity? What information would you like to convey to the industry through this meeting? What effect do you want to achieve

Jiang Wei: we chose to launch a special forum on smart road lights during Guangya Exhibition, mainly to put forward a new idea of more economical and efficient urban smart fine management through our products and market experience; At the same time, join hands with typical representatives of municipal owners, operators, big data companies, management service companies and other parties to share the current situation, cutting-edge technologies and market applications of this industry, and discuss current problems and future development trends in a multi-dimensional manner

through this activity, we hope that owners and enterprises can have a more objective and comprehensive understanding of the current development of the smart street lamp industry, and think about how to maximize the use of existing resources to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and society

Aladdin lighting: can you reveal what wonderful content you will share in this conference

Jiang Wei: this forum will put forward brand-new concepts such as "air road chief and air village chief" for the first time. Products include in-service equipment and off-site equipment, including technical dry goods, as well as application sharing. For example, "senseless parking management based on smart lamp caps, without any transformation of roadside parking spaces, can realize full-time parking space control only through smart lamp caps", "Management plan of hidden danger free and beautiful highway based on smart lamp cap to improve the level of refined management", etc

please come to the scene for details

Aladdin lighting: Based on graphene heat dissipation technology, Mingshuo technology has successfully developed Fengyu series smart road lamp cap products. Can you tell us the research and development concept of this product? What are the outstanding advantages

Jiang Wei: the word "wind language" means the language in the wind. Information interaction is everywhere. Wisdom and intensification are the R & D philosophy of the smart road lamp. Mingshuo's Fengyu smart gb/t 5 foam granulator 279 ⑴ 985 countersunk screw head shape and measuring lamp cap respond to the current problems of high cost of multi-functional smart lamp poles and difficult to promote in a large scale, innovatively adopt the in lamp integration scheme, which integrates progressiveness, economy, safety and unity, integrates the camera and other core sensing devices in the lamp cap, and only replacing the lamp cap can realize the transformation of smart street lamps, Greatly improve the efficiency of smart street lamp promotion, reduce the promotion cost, complement each other with multi-functional smart lamp poles, and completely solve the difficulties of smart transformation of traditional street lamps

Aladdin lighting: can you introduce the classic application cases of xiafengyu series smart road lamp caps in smart city construction? How effective? What pain points have been solved in the construction of smart cities

Jiang Wei: Harbin Songbei District has deployed Fengyu smart lamp caps to control key sections such as the district government, University Town and Shimao Avenue. The smart lamp caps have built-in graphene heat dissipation LED modules, high-definition cameras, voice broadcasting and WiFi equipment modules. According to the requirements of the development zone government for urban security, high-level monitoring and full coverage of the main municipal roads in the city, The data related to video monitoring and SOS one click alarm security are connected to Harbin urban management big data platform and connected with urban security data, which greatly improves the security of urban management

in addition, through the linkage of cameras and smart speakers, the phenomenon of illegal parking and stalls on the roadside can be expelled in time, and the illegal behavior can be warned in time to avoid the occurrence of safety incidents, so as to provide many conveniences for urban public services and public life. The project reflects the advantages of economic security and unified linkage. At the same time, the transformation difficulty and cost are greatly reduced. Remote law enforcement can significantly reduce the operation and maintenance cost and improve the management efficiency

in addition, Mingshuo also has smart lamp cap demonstration projects in Shanghai Yangpu Binjiang, Shandong Zaozhuang, Yunnan Anning, Huzhou Nanxun, Shanxi Hejin and other places

Aladdin lighting: at present, the development of smart city and smart lighting is in full swing. In the face of policy promotion, market changes and technological iterations, how can Mingshuo technology deepen its layout

Jiang Wei: Mingshuo technology adheres to science and technology driven innovation. Based on the core technology of graphene composites, it focuses on the application of graphene materials in heat conduction, conductivity, mechanics and other aspects, and is committed to building a leading enterprise in the industrialization of graphene applications. Graphene application, efficient green lighting and road IOT are the three core businesses of the company at present

in the smart city/road IOT business sector, for adjusting the experimental space, we actively seize the forefront of industry and scientific and technological development, adhere to market demand and user orientation as the key points, and constantly explore the application scenarios of efficient and refined management. We firmly believe that only with a clear profit scenario can a more mature and reliable business model be formed, but under the overall situation of macroeconomic structural adjustment and transformation promotion; Only when the business model is mature can the whole industry enter a virtuous development cycle and promote the continuous development and progress of smart cities

Aladdin lighting: how do you view the development of smart street lamp/smart lamp pole industry and the future of graphene application

Jiang Wei: the inherent advantages of street lamps are: Yes, a little, pole, active. In recent years, more and more companies have made layout around street lamp resources. What is smart street lamp? What does it have to do with smart cities? These problems have formed systematic thoughts, and with the joint efforts of everyone, these thoughts have been widely disseminated and accepted

at present, there are a large number of smart street lamp projects in various regions, but from the perspective of the real needs of smart city construction, the smart street lamp industry is still in the pilot stage. High construction costs, unclear business models, complex cross sectoral coordination and other issues are seriously restricting the development of the industry. Fortunately, both enterprises and governments have recognized the existence of these problems and have begun to make targeted adjustments. Whether it is the optimization of technology, the mining of scenarios, or the sorting out of centralized management responsibilities, they are moving towards a more rational and scientific direction

the management needs of each city are not exactly the same. Smart street lamp products will move from homogeneous function stacking to differentiated function customization, and form a more standardized operation process in the promotion mode. The smart street lamp/smart lamp pole industry will enter a rational and diversified development stage through the verification of the market and the continuous development of industrial technology

there is no doubt about the advantages of graphene materials. At present, the domestic graphene industry is mainly in the stage of graphene preparation. How to apply graphene materials in various fields and make the materials play their due value has not yet formed a large industrial scale. Mingshuo technology uses graphene heat dissipation technology in the field of efficient green lighting and road IOT, and has taken the lead in the application of graphene in China. Graphene technology, as a catalyst for cross-border integration, will bring new technologies and new solutions different from the traditional ones, and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

Aladdin lighting: in this meeting, Mingshuo technology also invited senior leaders of its partners Alibaba cloud and zhongchengwei group to attend. What highlights will it bring to the conference

Jiang Wei: Alibaba cloud, as a leading enterprise in the field of IOT and big data, has built a Alibaba cloud IOT ecosystem, and will share how Alibaba cloud system contributes to the construction of smart cities; As a global security service company, zhongchengwei group provides comprehensive security services for foreign-funded enterprises in China and overseas offices, factories, mines, properties and other aspects of Chinese enterprises. It will share typical demonstration cases and future applications of regional detail security based on smart road lamp caps

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