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DuPont took measures to make progress in cost improvement

DuPont took measures to make progress in cost improvement

in 2003, Sigmatex developed a new model in its existing sigma RF product series, which solved the problems of water absorption and crack resistance of inorganic thermal insulation materials often used. Recycled carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin matrix composites on December 09

DuPont announced that it would take active measures to ensure its global competitiveness, Make yourself a technology-based company that produces 1.7mg mass loss per 1 million cycles. Only in this way can we ensure that the performance of the fatigue testing machine is better and the quality is better. The reorganization procedure will include the reduction of employment. Production and organizational measures will make progress of 900million euros in 2005. In addition, the company will take actions to enhance its capacity to ensure an annual revenue growth of 6%

DuPont's measures to maintain competitiveness are taken under the conditions of high energy costs, increasing international competition and consumers' preference for more economical products, said Charles O. Holliday, chairman and CEO of DuPont

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