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DSM released the sustainable development report

DSM released the sustainable development report

November 19, 2019

1 our technical personnel will answer for you one by one. On January 11, DSM group released the 2018 DSM China sustainable development report. This is the 12th consecutive year that DSM released a report in China to summarize its contributions and efforts in sustainable development. The report reviews the achievement of DSM's 2018 global strategy and introduces the new 2021 global strategic plan - goal oriented, performance driven growth and value coatings. Under the guidance of this new strategy, DSM will further develop into a global advanced enterprise practicing sustainable development

the report shows that in 2018, DSM improved its business operation level, further expanded its portfolio of sustainable solutions, and worked together with peers, customers and partners to provide sustainable solutions for the earth and social development. With its strong scientific research strength in nutrition and health, climate and energy, resources and recycling, DSM actively promotes China to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals

in addition, the notice report of the high cycle fatigue testing machine focuses on disclosing DSM's sustainable development performance and progress in the three dimensions of "human, earth and profit" to the society and all stakeholders. DSM has become a growing enterprise that constantly strives to promote sustainable development, creating value for all stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders and society. In 2018, DSM received high scores in the employee centripetality survey and won the 2018 "women's Leadership Innovation Award". DSM was named ESG (environmental, social and regulatory) leader in the chemical industry by sustainalytics for the second consecutive year. DSM has topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the eighth time. DSM's sales in China in 2018 reached 9.398 billion yuan, an increase of 3.5% over 2017

Jiang Weiming, President of DSM China, said: "DSM China is still outstanding and fruitful in 2018. With our global scientific expertise and our deep understanding and insight into the Chinese market, we have not only adapted to market changes, maintained our competitive advantage, but also achieved sustainable growth in China. In particular, we have integrated sustainable development into all business activities and actively helped the supply chain, customers and partners reduce costs while fulfilling our own responsibilities Small environmental footprint. Under the guidance of the 2021 global strategy, DSM will further develop into a goal oriented global science company, continue to thrive in China through its innovative sustainable solutions focusing on nutrition, health and sustainable life, and provide strong support and contributions to China's promotion of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. "

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