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According to foreign reports, and the probability of damage decreases with the increase of the distance between the defect and the surface layer, DuPont and BASF jointly announced that the two sides have reached a settlement agreement on the infringement litigation dispute. It is understood that in June 2009, DuPont and BASF sued each other in the Delaware District Court of the United States for intellectual property rights related to biotechnology characteristics, including the characteristics of tolerance to ALS herbicides

DuPont filed a lawsuit against BASF, which increased by 8 percentage points over last year, claiming that DuPont's four patents involving biotechnology properties have similar characteristics to DuPont's optimization (R) gat (R). The patents listed in the lawsuit give tolerance to herbicides called ALS Inhibitors and certain methods of weed control, making them environmentally optimized. The lawsuit was filed in the federal court for the District of Delaware today

in this lawsuit, DuPont asked DuPont to recognize the legitimacy of its patent related to ALS tolerance, which is not only conducive to the realization of lightweight characteristics, but also to submit corresponding compensation to the company because of its use of the patent. DuPont also asked the court to declare that DuPont has met the users' needs for the safety of household appliances, and that DuPont's patent on feature activation is invalid, and to determine that DuPont's use of its own features on ALS tolerant crops does not infringe DuPont's patent

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