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Carry out e-commerce to improve the level of material management

Information Center of material supply department of Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau

material supply department of Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau is a functional department of Shengli Oilfield, and it is also an independent secondary unit, which is responsible for the material procurement, supply and management of the production and construction of the whole oilfield. Hundreds of thousands of production materials are purchased every year. In order to strengthen the management of material supply business, the material supply department invested a lot of human and material resources as early as 1988, organized and developed a computer material management system, and realized the information management of materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of IT industry, in order to adapt to the changes in the material supply management system of Shengli Oilfield, our department organized the development and construction of the material procurement e-commerce station in 2001, and made full use of the modern means of network to vigorously promote the procurement and distribution, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the level of material management, which sometimes leads to difficulties in stretching

the construction of Shengli Oilfield e-commerce station is one of the "ten dragon" information projects established by the information center of Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau in 2001. At the same time, it is also the first e-commerce station for enterprise material procurement of Sinopec

I. system design of Shengli material procurement e-commerce station

Shengli Oilfield e-commerce station takes full account of the reliability, availability and security of the system and the future development of the system according to the requirements of the current material management business. Therefore, when designing the hardware of the system, we adopt the more advanced three-tier structure in the current IT industry. As the core server of the station, after full demonstration, we chose the existing alpha server 4000 as the data server; Use two high-end microcomputer servers to form a server group to realize web service; Configure load balancer to realize load balancing of web server. We use digital UNIX v4.00 on the data server and Linux on the Web cluster. We have selected check point for the firewall setting of the system. This design not only increases the security of the system, but also meets the requirements of future business development

in the operation of Shengli material procurement Station, we have made full use of the perfect network system environment of Shengli Oilfield. At present, the local area of Shengli Oilfield has changed into secondary units of the whole oilfield. Therefore, for the internal picking units of the oilfield, we use Shengli Oilfield integrated digital connection system. For external suppliers and units, we provide DDN special line connection. In this way, Shengli Oilfield e-commerce station not only meets the needs of the supply department and the internal picking units of the oilfield, but also meets the needs of external units of the oilfield

II. Functional design of material procurement e-commerce station

Shengli oil field material procurement e-commerce station adopts JSP as the development tool, Oracle as the database management platform, relies on the slnet local area of the oil field, takes the material management information system as the support, and connects the suppliers with the secondary supply station, so as to achieve and realize the organic combination of modern logistics. The application basis of Shengli Oilfield material procurement e-commerce station is the current material supply management system. Therefore, Shengli Oilfield material procurement e-commerce station is based on the B to B mode. According to the current material supply management system and application mode of Shengli Oilfield, the material procurement e-commerce station is divided into upper plan management, upper procurement, upper distribution, supplier management Information release and comprehensive query, control and management seven subsystems

the functional design of Shengli Oilfield e-commerce station is based on material procurement. The picking unit first reports the material demand plan through the station, and then the Department purchases, so as to realize the distribution. For different users, the station has designed different login interfaces to meet the use of different users. The specific function design is as follows:

(I) system control

this subsystem is to complete the e-commerce station to set and manage the user's code, password, business authority and material scope authority. The use object of this subsystem is mainly the station's management personnel and the leaders of each unit. It mainly includes the following functions:

1. Role permission control

2. Add users

3. User permissions

4. User login and registration

(II) plan management

plan management subsystem is an important part of Shengli Oilfield electronic station, which realizes the declaration and summary of demand plans on the secondary supply station. In order to ensure that this technology can also be used in the dynamic balance and write off of cost sensitive fields. Wang Wanjie, director of the raw material industry division of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said that the generation, approval, division, submission, verification and cancellation of material procurement plans and the division of material demand plans. The subsystem is divided into five functional modules

1. Plan entry maintenance

provides the secondary unit with the function of entering the plan to avoid the failure of the experiment caused by the inclination or displacement of the sample in the experimental process. It is divided into monthly plan and emergency plan, which are entered into the material list of the demand plan. According to the plan change order, the planner maintains and processes the changes in the material category and material required quantity of the demand plan

2. Approval and submission of demand plans

provides the function of reporting plans on secondary units. Demand plans are generated by departments and categories. After being approved by the secondary approver, the demand plans are submitted in tabular form. After the plan is submitted, the emergency plan (material preparation time ≤ 10 days) cannot be modified; The monthly plan (material preparation time ≤ 30 days) can be modified within 3 days; Long term plan (material preparation time ≥ 30 days) can be modified within 5 days; After the above specified time limit is exceeded, the demand plan submitted at the secondary level shall not be modified

3. Demand plan response

the Department planner selects the managed demand plan to respond. If there is no material code but only the material name, the Department staff should prepare the material code in time and modify the material code field of the demand plan details in order to complete the response. (prompt three-day response time)

4. Purchase plan approval

the material management department reviews and approves the material purchase plan generated by the business department according to the specified approval level. The computer automatically provides the purchase plan approval form. The material purchase plan is reviewed by the management department and automatically enters the purchase plan division after approval; The material purchase plan that fails to pass the review shall be returned for rebalancing and adjustment, and a separate approval shall be applied for

5. Demand plan analysis

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