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DuPont and DSM jointly build a medical biomaterial company

DuPont and note: when the amount of data added is large, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently jointly announced that it will establish a joint venture, a red ldquo; Skin rdquo; The 6-axis robot was officially unveiled in Nangang to develop, produce and sell advanced medical biomaterials, and is currently awaiting approval from EU regulators. According to the agreement, the joint venture plant will be named actamaxsurgicalmaterialsllc, with DuPont and DSM holding 50% shares respectively

the establishment of this joint venture factory fully reflects the strong demand of the market for medical sealants, impervious adhesives and human tissue adhesives, especially when more than 100million surgeries need these materials every year in the world.

through several patented biodegradable hydrogel technologies, actamaxsurgicalmaterialsllc will build a complete set of biomedical product portfolio. The early technology development will completely rely on DuPont material science and biotechnology, and DSM will help realize the commercialization of products by virtue of its excellent medical polymer processing and manufacturing capacity based on the strength of the obtained materials that are superior to the 2-block or 2-block polymers they test

DSM biopharmaceutical Department has rapidly and successfully established a market leading position in the past few years. The products produced by the joint venture factory can be precisely integrated into DSM biopharmaceutical product portfolio. Actamaxsurgicalmaterialsllc is also a strategic part of the Biotechnology Department of DuPont response testing machine zero swing zero drift experimental machine after several years of operation. It combines biotechnology with other sciences to jointly create high-quality mass products that meet the needs of a wide range of markets. The joint venture factory will focus on the clinical verification of products and technologies, and the commercialization process includes the manufacturing of products, the sales of some patented products and the establishment of good cooperative relations with leading equipment suppliers

"the technical platform we build together will bring improved surgical results to doctors and patients to prevent postoperative complications and reduce medical costs." Johnranieri, vice president of DuPont applied biotechnology, said, "actamax will provide a variety of products to meet different surgical and clinical needs. DSM's success in the field of biomedicine makes it our ideal strategic partner."

"the cooperation with DuPont can further promote our development in the field of biomedicine," said rdel, President of biomedical Department of DSM. "This is consistent with our open innovation strategy. After combining the advantages of both sides, we can better address the needs of patients by developing innovative materials."

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