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Cityzenith launched a new generation 5D IOT platform in smart cities

cityzenith is pleased to announce that the company has launched its new generation IOT data visualization and management platform in 10 leading smart cities in eight countries this year

is pleased to announce that the company has launched its new generation IOT data visualization and management platform in 10 leading smart cities in eight countries this year. The company plans to show its upcoming version 3.0 5D smart city at the smart city World Expo in Barcelona

the company plans to display its upcoming version 3.0 5D smart city at the smart city Expo World Conference in Barcelona from November 17 to 19, 2015

Michael Jansen, founder and CEO, said: cities have generated more data in the past two years than in the previous 200 years, 95% of which are unstructured, so they are not used or fully used. Understanding, collecting, analyzing and visualizing these data is one of the biggest challenges facing cities today

help cities connect, visualize and manage their data in interactive, intuitive and real-time 3D simulation, so that everyone, including mayors and engineers in related fields, can easily use these data. Users can get the information they need in real time without training, including open data, IOT device data and social media data. This platform, which only takes up a small amount of memory space, is applicable to all browsers and is designed to become an affordable open non patented platform for standard personal computers and tablets

in 5D smart city, intelligent modules collect, connect and study key data sets in five important vertical areas, including infrastructure, security and environment. Customers can install the modules they choose, and analyze and customize them according to their needs

intelligent environment:

building energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission tracking

Intelligent Infrastructure:

coordination and monitoring of the construction of above ground and underground infrastructure

intelligent security:

a public security module that realizes real-time monitoring through sensors and closed-circuit television

for government users, 5D smart city helps city department managers and civil servants achieve seamless cooperation with complex data. Tom Schenk, chief data officer of Chicago, said when talking about the experience of using cityzenith platform for Haoshi to reach the position of 10~15mm from the equidistant cooling notch of ligament repair and reconstruction, drug-eluting stent and targeted drug transportation:

from meeting public opinion to solving the problem of underground drinking water, these daily events are the characteristics of the city to some extent. Hundreds of city officials need to know all the relevant information. Cityzenith can collect this information and let them see it. Their roles are not only data analysts, but also business experts

for enterprise users, 5D smart city provides leading real estate developers, enterprise real estate owners, utility companies, network suppliers and telecommunications enterprises with an easy-to-use general dashboard and a single resource library to manage all their historical and operational data, including a real-time IOT sensor telemetry system installed in an intuitive 3D geographical environment with a large amount of urban data

Salomon Salinas, head of global smart city, a new strategic partner, said: Accenture and CIT have been destined for their medical utilization since the birth of TPU. Yzenith is working together to carry out global smart city and IOT projects for governments and enterprises. 5D smart city of cityzenith? It is the first and most mature 5D IOT platform in the market today, which can be perfectly combined with Accenture's various capabilities. As confirmed by our Chicago project, we believe that more and more technologies we acquire through IOT enable us to help cities make basic decisions that are in line with public opinion. Cityzenith's commitment to effectiveness makes them our ideal partners

Jose Antonio Garcia, public safety industry manager of Microsoft (Microsoft), said: this new IOT platform using Windows azure plays a key role in our city next ecosystem, helping cities obtain new perspectives on how to solve strategic challenges

the scalable modular open platform solution enables successful solutions to be shared and utilized within and among cities and enterprises. Users and developers can use existing IT technology without investing more research and development funds. The company actively cooperates with international city networks, standards organizations and major configuration research companies of the market four column hydraulic universal testing machine to help its global development partners establish common goals

Seth Schultz, head of R & D department, said: C40 believes that integrating data into the system model for urban comprehensive planning is an important step to help us enter a more inclusive and flexible development track. We believe that the cityzenith solution is a very important progress, and C40 is expected to achieve the project objectives by adopting the solutions recommended by cityzenith

ruthbea yesner Clarke, director of smart city strategic plan research, said: cityzenith provides a useful and unique data visualization method for many important smart city use cases. With the exponential growth of urban information, a wide range of government and enterprise stakeholders who lack specific analysis or data science expertise need to obtain these tools, and then make better decisions through data expertise, and ultimately provide better services to citizens

in order to ensure that the growing global 5D smart city user base receives the widest possible best smart city and IOT solutions, cityzenith is pleased to announce the launch of its 5D smart partner program

plan is a collaborative hosting service exchange platform for governments and enterprises, committed to building a bridge between solution providers and consumers. The program will be launched in January 2016

cityzenith introduction

cityzenith is a Chicago based technology company with subsidiaries in London and Singapore. The purpose of the company is to make the life of urban people better

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