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The production base of plant fiber environmental protection materials started construction in Shenyang

the scientific research achievements of processing all kinds of crop straw into new environmental protection packaging materials have taken an important step from the laboratory stage to industrial production, The production base of plant fiber environmental protection materials and products jointly established by Beijing Tieke Huayi Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Tieke Lian tableware manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently started construction in Taoxian Town, Dongling District, Shenyang. The production base covers an area of 134 mu, and mutual selection committees are occasionally produced. Located near Taoxian International Airport, the production workshop is 20000 square meters, with an annual output of 6000-8000 tons of plant fiber environmental protection materials, and various packaging containers and products such as tableware, flowerpots, seedling pots, etc. can be molded, and gradually develop to the field of building parts, changing destructive experiments, toys, stationery, sports equipment and other products. The plant construction project is planned to be completed in October this year and will be put into production in February 2007. In the first phase of production, 10 production lines and 100 hot rolling forming machines will be put into production

Chi Yanbin, the inventor of this technology, is now the chief engineer of Beijing Tieke Huayi Technology Development Co., Ltd. he introduced that the plant fiber environmental protection material uses the new mixing head of rice husk, straw, wheat straw and corn straw to directly measure the straw of crops such as dye straw, cotton straw, sawdust and bamboo chips or the stems of other plants in the injection molding process, first making 10-200 mesh plant fiber powder, and then making mixed raw materials by special processes, Then a new type of environmental protection material is molded or injection molded, and its natural composition can reach more than 60% - 90%. It can be made into disposable catering containers, controllable degradation containers, handicrafts, daily necessities, building plates, industrial packaging and other items. Its characteristic is that it comes from crop straw and rapidly regenerating plants, and it is an inexhaustible renewable resource in nature; It is the development and utilization of waste or resources of little use, so as to truly turn waste into treasure and save resources. Due to its high strength, natural and plain surface texture, bright color and novel texture, plant fiber environmental protection materials are suitable for making articles that are used many times and repeatedly, and can replace some plastic, glass, ceramics and other products, which can save oil resources and energy consumption. The characteristic of natural degradation is that the natural components of plant fiber environmental protection materials can reach more than 80%. The articles made of them can be completely degraded naturally after being discarded in the natural environment. It is a new type of green environmental protection materials. Chi Yanbin said that the initial product of plant fiber environmental protection products was disposable tableware, which was developed to control "white pollution". Around 2000, hot tableware, cold tableware, supermarket fresh trays, spoons, chopsticks and other disposable tableware products were formed. In the development of disposable catering containers, the materials we make have high strength, natural and simple surface texture, and can have a variety of bright colors, which are more suitable for making articles that are used repeatedly. On this basis, the company developed controllable degradable containers, daily necessities, handicrafts, industrial packaging and other products in 2003. Its price advantage is very obvious, much lower than the price of plastic. Chi Yanbin has developed plant fiber environmental protection materials for more than 10 years, and currently has five invention patents. Among a series of degradable material technologies, the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China once recognized that the technology of plant fiber environmental protection products belongs to China's original technology and is at the leading level in the world

wangxueqin, general manager of Beijing Tieke Huayi Technology Development Co., Ltd., said that plant fiber environmental protection materials are widely used both abroad and at home. One day, he suddenly said excitedly that the prospect is very broad, and many similar products exported abroad have been widely welcomed. He said that we should increase investment, strengthen extensive cooperation, and strive to build the base into the country's largest production base of environmentally friendly materials with leading technology, so as to lay the foundation for cultivating the market of new environmentally friendly packaging materials. He also said that after the first phase of the project was completed and put into production in 2007, the second phase of the project plan will continue to be implemented. The project received strong support from the Dongling District Party committee and the district government of Shenyang. As a scientific and technological innovation project, many preferential policies were given. Sha Botao, Secretary of the district Party committee, and Xu Yiwei, head of the district attended the commencement ceremony of the base. It is reported that the plant fiber environment-friendly flowerpot produced by Beijing Tieke Huayi Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been used at the Shenyang World Horticultural Exposition

source: China Packaging News

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