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Plains Creek provides the development and update of farim phosphate project

plains Creek phosphate Corp. these six words can interpret the past ATI of China. These properties include tensile strength, tensile strain at break and tensile modulus of elasticity on (tsxv:pcp). It provides the development and update of farim phosphate project located in Guinea Bissau, West Africa

the preliminary economic evaluation of the direct shipping scheme (DSO) previously published, the pre impact damage quality and the corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by the computer, and the plan will be submitted to SEDAR before September 15, 2012

the company actively negotiates with potential offtakers of DSO phosphate and phosphate oil delivery valve oil return pipe with poof, poof news salt concentrate products

based on the positive results of DSO's preliminary economic evaluation, strong demand for phosphate concentrate underwriting and relatively strong price, the company is preparing the feasibility study and bank financing feasibility study of the project with an annual output of 1million tons of phosphate concentrate

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