The hottest plan for a year is spring

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One year's plan lies in spring. Where are you taking me

come to Shenzhen zhongweixing (Hall 4 4a44)

the counter attack classic is ready. Take the second day, second earth, second air

precision small arc motion control solution

scheme composition

amc1600e bus motion controller + qxe servo drive + linear motor

display content

precision continuous trajectory operation control scheme based on EtherCAT bus, Amc1600e realizes small arc trajectory motion control with a radius of 0.5mm

program features

ethercat bus complete program operation control solution, multi-channel high-speed precision small arc trajectory motion control

areas of expertise

cutting, dispensing The tensile experiment of continuous track tensile machines such as CNC is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. Control field

dual machine lock attachment disassembly cycle workstation

scheme composition

zhongweixing pr5216 special UL also sent a team of professional technical experts to participate in the screw locking robot + locking mechanism + automatic feeder for this rubber and plastic exhibition

display content

zhongweixing pr5216 robot screw locking scheme, A blowing feeding latch SCARA and an aspirating disassembly SCARA form a latch operation cycle

program features

ara robot fully integrates the intelligent electric batch latch process. 2. Torque angle monitoring and locking result records; Floating lock, sliding tooth, this new equipment uses PolyOne's thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material chute with soft touch to eliminate errors, and constantly press down

areas of expertise

3C electronics, white household appliances, plastic hardware, toys and other industries

▲ P.S. in the pre exhibition debugging, the first sight is fast

double position dispensing demonstration platform

scheme constitutes the drive control integrated machine mcd904, Hand held box tv5600-b01 or touch screen

display content

double station machine demonstration dispensing processing

program features

the drive control integrated mcd904 is adopted. This controller integrates control and stepping driver, without external stepping driver. It supports open-loop and closed-loop, greatly reducing customer manual wiring and reducing installation. 4. Operation mode control: full computer control, windows mode operation space. The handheld box is simple and intuitive, and also supports touch screen communication. The handheld box supports the mapping function. Integrate dispensing processing technology: delay opening, close in advance, corner optimization, etc., optimize dispensing trajectory, and prevent glue stacking and lack. Single and double stations, glue gun rotation, workpiece rotation, etc. all meet the different models and processing conditions of customers. And support customers' secondary development to meet customers' special process needs

good at areas

3C, LED lighting, home appliances, automotive electronics and other products dispensing areas

have you had fun

everyone is happy. Also, the following display schemes are waiting for your appreciation:

robot GR high-speed handling, dual machine cooperative handling, arc following and grabbing platform, bus plane parallel, multi axis synchronous control (8 bus +4 pulse), gantry synchronization, etc

new product launch

in addition, the GR series robots and the latest generation of drive control integrated technology and controller will be released during the exhibition on April 9

let's see how domestic SCARA can make further progress in performance, function and user experience in order to ensure the efficient production of manufacturing enterprise terminals in the face of a more complex operating environment

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