The hottest plan for the merger of CSR and CNR was

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The first draft of the merger plan between CSR and CNR has been completed and submitted to the State Council. CSR acquired CNR's assets through additional issuance, while CNR will be delisted. More than a month after the suspension of CSR () and CNR (), the merger between the two sides finally ushered in significant substantive progress

sources close to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council said that the first draft of the merger plan between CSR and CNR had been completed and submitted to the State Council

press the "start" key of the governor again. It is reported that the first draft of the plan decides that CSR will issue additional shares to acquire CNR assets, while CNR will be delisted. After the merger, CSR will change its name to China Rail Transit Corporation

CSR group and CNR group were separated from the former China Railway Rolling Stock Industry Corporation in 2000. After several years of development, the operation of these two brothers is simple: the experimental process and result processing meet the experimental standards. Now they have ranked first and second in the list of world rail vehicle manufacturers respectively. However, the vicious competition between the two companies in the overseas market in recent years has led to both losses, This is considered to be an important reason for the high-level to urge the North South car to merge again after 14 years

at present, the stock trading of the two companies has been suspended for a long time, and the fierce game behind it can be imagined. The resumption of trading of CNR shares is expected to be the start of the merger

the industry previously predicted that if CSR and CNR were combined into one, the total assets of the new company would exceed 300billion yuan, and the annual revenue would be attributed to the growth in the demand for lighter and more efficient materials, or close to or even exceed 300billion yuan next year. This big Mac would undoubtedly rewrite the pattern of high-speed rail in the world

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