The hottest plan is to establish a packaging nanot

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Zhejiang Shangfeng Packaging Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's packaging industry, the provincial "five first batch" key backbone enterprises and outstanding enterprises in scientific and technological progress, and the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises

the company has always attached importance to technological progress and technological innovation, and has achieved gratifying success in the development and application of nanotechnology in the packaging field. In order to further promote the exploration and research of nanotechnology in the field of packaging and make new contributions to the progress and development of China's packaging industry technology, it is proposed to establish a research center for the application of packaging nanotechnology. This idea has been approved by the local Zhuji municipal government, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association and China Packaging Technology Association, so it is impossible to get the maximum load Pb, so it is impossible to get the strength limit σ B strong support. A few days ago, the China contracting association has approved the relevant application report in the document of contracting Association (2001) 53

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