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Analysis of civil engineering design of Zhongguancun 110kV substation

Abstract: in order to reduce the floor area and reduce the interference to the outside world, and at the same time realize the function of the substation, the civil engineering design of Urban Indoor Substation in high land price areas is analyzed. Other replacement materials have appeared a short way

key words: civil engineering design of Urban Indoor Substation in high land price area I. overview: Zhongguancun is located in the core area of Haidian District with high intelligence density. It has 232 scientific research institutions led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 73 colleges and universities represented by Peking University and Tsinghua University. It is a highly intelligence intensive area that attracts the attention of the world and is called China's "Silicon Valley". The preferential policies given by the state and the strong support of local governments have led to the rapid development and expansion of Zhongguancun area, resulting in a sharp increase in the power load in this area. In order to meet its power demand, a new Zhongguancun 110kV substation has been built in this area. Zhongguancun 110kV substation is located in the base of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhongguancun area, and the substation covers an area of 2764m2; The building area is 4030 m2; The greening area of the station area is about 700m2; The greening rate is 17%; The plot ratio is 1.46. The substation is mainly composed of main power house, 110kV GIS room and main transformer room. 2、 Layout of the station area: due to the shortage of land, in order to reduce the floor area and reduce the interference to the outside world, and at the same time realize the function of the substation, the station has been built into a full indoor substation. The main power house is located on the east side of the station area and is arranged near the street; 110kV GIS room is located in the south of the station area; The main transformer room is located in the middle of the station area. The equipment transportation door of the substation is located in the northeast corner of the station area. In order to reduce the floor area, we have taken the following measures: first, based on the principle of expanding space upward, on the premise of meeting the process requirements, all equipment rooms are compactly arranged, and the plane and vertical transportation are convenient, unreasonable and more rooms are reduced. 2、 The water pump house is connected with the main power house, and the underground interlayer of the main power house is used as the reservoir of the water pump house, which effectively reduces the floor area of the water pump house. 3、 The accident oil pool adopts an all underground structure, which meets the function of separating oil and water. At the same time, planting flowers and plants on its surface can improve the greening rate. In order to meet the fire access, we designed the main power house near the street in the form of a street building, and set up a guard duty room, which is convenient for the use and management of the substation. As the station is located in the central area of the city, it is quite difficult to improve the greening rate of the station area within such a limited area. We have adopted the methods of centralized greening areas and the use of edge and corner belts to improve the greening rate as much as possible. In addition, we also planted flowers and plants on the roof of one side of the main plant, which not only improved the greening rate, but also enriched the street landscape. 3、 Architectural design: 1.1 appearance design: the buildings of the project are composed of 10kV switch room, main transformer room, radiator room and GIS room. The 10kV switch room is three floors above the ground, and the rest are single storey buildings. The main plants are set with underground mezzanine. As the building is located in the downtown area, the architectural design should not only consider its own characteristics, but also integrate and coordinate with the surrounding buildings. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to the design of architectural form, because these positions are the contact surface between the building and the surrounding environment. In the design of this project, we will remove the main plant on the east side facing the street by removing the dial glass room and try to make it neat and orderly, and integrate it with the surrounding buildings. At the same time, on the premise of respecting the overall pattern, we also hope to design Zhongguancun substation into a personalized and contemporary urban substation. 1.2 for the following information, you should understand the architectural decoration instructions in detail: the equipment room adopts grade C steel fire doors, the internal doors of ordinary office rooms adopt wooden doors, and the external doors adopt aluminum alloy glass doors. The windows are silver white aluminum alloy frame white glass windows. The main control room and communication room adopt plastic anti-static floor, other equipment rooms adopt on-site grindstone floor, and ordinary rooms adopt floor tiles. The equipment room is painted with ordinary white paint, the main control room, office and duty room are painted with Nippon Paint, and the walls of toilets and kitchens are tiled to the top. The equipment rooms are not suspended ceilings, which are painted with paint. The rest of the office rooms, foyers and rest rooms are suspended with gypsum board, and the bathroom and kitchen are covered with PVC board. The external wall is faced with flesh colored external wall tiles, and dark pink tiles are used locally. 4、 Structural design: all main buildings adopt cast-in-situ reinforced concrete frame structure, raft foundation, seismic fortification intensity is 8 °, seismic grade is grade II, inner and outer walls are filled with ceramsite concrete hollow blocks, the underground included angle layer adopts mm10 machine bricks, M7.5 cement mortar masonry, and the accident oil pool adopts reinforced concrete structure. The underground water level of the project is high, and it is also a winter construction, so the requirements for waterproof engineering are very high. We use chlorosulfonated polyethylene waterproof coiled material, focus on controlling the lap part of the coiled material, press and reinforce with hand roller, and there is no gap at the caulking part to ensure that the waterproof quality is free of leakage. 5、 Heating, ventilation, plumbing and lighting design: 5.1 thermal engineering: since this station is unattended, the room is heated by air conditioning. 5.2 water supply works: the water supply source is connected to the municipal pipe on the north side of the substation, with a pipe diameter of DN100. 5.3 rainwater and sewage project: the sewage from the main power house is discharged into the 2 × brick septic tank with a pipe diameter of DN200. The main sewer pipe is discharged into the municipal sewage pipeline on the north side of the substation. Organized drainage is done in the station. How should the manufacturer of dn30 spring testing machine choose? 0, discharged into the municipal rainwater pipe on the east side of the substation. 5.4 ventilation engineering: the transformer room adopts the combination of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Each transformer unit is equipped with inlet and outlet air shutters and axial flow fans, which use the height difference and mechanical exhaust to dissipate heat. Each capacitor room and substation transformer room is equipped with air inlet louvers and axial flow internal fans on the outer wall, and mechanical ventilation is used for heat dissipation. 10kV switch room, GIS room and cable interlayer are equipped with emergency axial flow fan and air inlet shutter, which use mechanical and natural ventilation for heat dissipation. 6、 Lighting design: 6.1 power system: the power and lighting voltage in 110kV substation is 380v/220v, and three-phase five wire power supply is adopted. GIS and 10kV switch rooms are respectively equipped with power maintenance power boxes. 6.2 lighting system: the lighting voltage is 380v/220v, the lamp cap voltage is 220V, and the cable interlayer voltage is 380v/220v/24v. The lighting power supply of each floor is led from the main distribution box, and the main power supply is led from the panel in the main control room, using three-phase five wire power supply. 6.3 emergency lighting system: the emergency lighting is a DC power supply, which is led from the DC panel of the main control room, and a special lighting distribution box is set. The emergency lighting is set in the main channels such as the corridor, the main control room, the duty room, and the 110kV equipment room

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