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Recently, it is planned to ignite and resume production of photovoltaic glass production line

since the end of last year, domestic photovoltaic glass manufacturers have maintained a relatively good shipment situation. During this period, after two price adjustments and careful inspection of the flexibility of the operating position, the price of 3.2mm original sheet has increased from 18 yuan/square meter to the current 23 yuan/square meter, and the price of 3.2mm steel sheet has increased from 26 yuan/square meter to the current 31 yuan/square meter. The price of photovoltaic glass in some regions continued to rise, and the market seemed to be warming up. However, according to zhuochuang information statistics, from the end of February to June 2012, there were as many as 7 photovoltaic glass kilns that were ignited or planned to be ignited and resumed production, with a total of 21 production lines, with a total daily melting capacity of 2700 tons: at the end of February, Dongguan CSG ignited 650 tons of one kiln and five lines, on March 23, Nantong Taide ignited 150 tons of one kiln and one line, and Tangshan Jinli 250 tons of one kiln and two lines planned to resume production at the end of March, Henan Tianli 250 ton one kiln two lines plan to resume production in the near future, Henan Tianyu 250 ton one kiln two lines plan to ignite in April, Fujian Taibo 600 ton one kiln five lines plan to ignite on May 16, and Fuzhou Xinfuxing 550 ton one kiln five lines plan to ignite on June 18. In addition, the production lines of some manufacturers have been completed due to Zong Leifa. The ignition time will be determined according to the market. The huge domestic production capacity makes the future of the volatile photovoltaic glass market even more uncertain

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