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The world's largest plant protection UAV has appeared, claiming that there is no competitor of the same level in the world.

nowadays, the work of improving food production requires the application of advanced aviation technology, and UAV enterprises are also benefiting from the progress in the aviation field. At the agricultural exhibition held in Brazil in early May, a Brazilian UAV company released an agricultural UAV named Eleva spray 150 "superdrone". The company announced that the super UAV would become a game changer in Brazil's agricultural sector. The proportion of various raw materials

at the agricultural exhibition, this "superdrone" did not have a flight demonstration, but only a static display. But even so, the drone left a deep impression on the visitors. The diameter of up to 5 meters has become the most intuitive feature of this UAV. According to the company staff, this super UAV has no rivals of the same level in the world

it is known as the world's largest plant protection UAV, with a drug load of 80 kg, surpassing its competitor with a drug load of only 15 kg. Its price after listing is expected to reach US $110000 (about 700000 yuan)

according to the staff of the UAV R & D company, the superdrone they developed is the only one to increase its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process, because the ability to fly comes from gasoline, and most UAVs rely on batteries. Moreover, unlike other plant protection UAVs, which can only operate during the day, "superdrone" can also be deployed at night. The UAV designer explained that because many agricultural pests are most active at night, the effect of spraying pesticides at night is better, which is one of the great advantages of this UAV

the super UAV unveiled at the Brazilian Agricultural Exhibition is expected to be sold in 2019, and the first order will probably be delivered in early 2020. This time, the relative density of the prototype is only 2.1. In terms of power, superdrone uses mixed liquid fuel to generate electricity for propulsion, which can be filled with ethanol or gasoline. Its two central motors and two external motors help with steering and support. At the same time, in order to reduce the risk of engine failure, Shandong Star High Tech will share with you seven risks brought by this knowledge. UAVs carry batteries

the head of the UAV company believes that their decision to devote themselves to the field of agricultural UAVs many years ago is correct, and their years of efforts will soon be rewarded

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