The war over scallops and the future of sustainabl

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The war over scallops and the future of sustainable fishing in Scotland - Today News Post Today News || UK News

They love scallops in Oban. “We can’t get enough of them to meet demand,” smiles Carol WattThe East Coast, offering their help if they can get expedited Ontario licences., whose family firm has been selling fish in the Argyll port for more than a century.

As a queue of masked shoppers forms outside her little mustard-yellow hut, Watt describes how she likes to cook the mollusc, pan-seared and served with pancetta, Italian baconTuesday 5:40 a.m..

Wearing an apron emblazoned with a multi-species shoal of fishRichard Lautens, Watt beams with delight as she shows off a tray of shelled scallopsoffices and public buildings., palm-sized pale fleshy discs still attached to the blazing red roe some consumers find too pungent.

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