Ruitake launched the enterprise Moke platform and

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Ruiqu launched the enterprise Moke platform and appeared in the intelligent building exhibition

, which is set as the maximum CTI forum. On March 17 (Li Wenjie): the 2016 China International Intelligent Building Exhibition hosted by China Construction Association will officially open on March 9. As the highest and most authoritative intelligent building industry event in China so far, the theme of this exhibition is more accurate and has a wider vision, gathering global high-tech products and innovating intelligent applications in the industry. Ruirui was invited to participate in this exhibition, with industry experts and users looking forward to the development prospect of smart city in 2016

the concept of smart city rose in 2012. In 2015, l important skill parameter interconnection + swept the country. Under the joint action of these two forces, traditional enterprises have transformed one after another. As a leader in the field of recording and broadcasting, Rui takes in line with the current situation, based on its own product performance and combined with the needs of users, and introduces a new solution with more interconnected use mode to contribute to the construction of a smart city

this year, ruicai will launch a new enterprise Mu class platform, which will be unveiled at this year's exhibition to provide users with a comprehensive introduction. At the same time, the 4G network will be used for ybolo live broadcast on site, so that users can watch the real-time picture on site through TV, so that users can directly experience ybolo, and the gasket should be pretreated with the sterilization temperature adopted in actual production

ruiqu sincerely looks forward to meeting you at the exhibition! Our booth location is e3031

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