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Precautions for rules when making up

it is troublesome for the printing staff to measure the rules in the actual work. It is very inconvenient to use a ruler to measure one side, and the accuracy is not high. As a result, the operator's long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays is harmful to his health. In order to ensure the health of operators and improve product quality and work efficiency, we have tried to make lithography printing rules. The specific methods are as follows:

take 92cm 76cm plate and 7cm printing rules as examples:

1. Find a 50cm new plexiglass ruler

2. Copy two 46cm long negative pictures with so film

3. Copy three 7 cm long negative film rulers

4. Wash and dry

5. Use two 46cm cavity film rulers to assemble a long ruler with a center line of 46cm (i.e. 1 ~ 46cm from the left and 1 ~ 46cm from the right)

only the quality of instruments and equipment is the condition to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results. 6. Then straight spell 7cm on the left of the assembled ruler, 7cm on the center line point with small amplitude and 7cm on the right

7. Then put together a signal bar on the left and right under the film ruler as a mark to check the printing quality, so that a negative printing rule can be completed

8. Copy the assembled negative print rules into positive solid print rules, which can be used for positive print

through our actual work, it reached 46000 tons in 2016, which proves that the improved printing rules have the following advantages:

1. Double the work efficiency

2. The exposure time of operators to ultraviolet rays is reduced by half, which is conducive to the health of operators

3. Easy to make and operate

4. Improve the printing quality

5. The use of signal bar can further detect the quality of each process, which is conducive to plate making data operation

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