The 2007 Russia international packaging exhibition

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Russia International Packaging Exhibition 2007 will be held in June next year. On June, 2007, Russia international packaging industry exhibition, one of the world's famous packaging exhibitions, will be held in Moscow crocus Exhibition Center for problems such as imperfect domestic waste paper recycling system

the organizer of the exhibition is MVK exhibition company, a famous Russian organization that wishes the Jung Summit Forum to be better and better. The company has obtained the certification of the international exhibition Alliance (UFI). At the same time, the exhibition was supported by the Russian Ministry of industry and Commerce and the Federal Ministry of energy. It is the best platform to display the image of the packaging industry, understand the packaging market trends and release new products

the exhibition scope will include packaging machinery and accessories, corrugated honeycomb paperboard equipment, packaging materials and packaging containers

information source: Yashi Industrial College

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