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Sany group made a wonderful appearance at the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition. Sany group made a wonderful appearance at the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition. China Construction Machinery Information opened the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition. As an industry benchmark, Sany group will bring 43 full range of innovative products to the Shanghai BMW exhibition, including more than 26 first models and new products, showing Sany group's global leading innovation spirit and R & D strength. At the same time, there will be a lot of highlights, which can not be missed

pointing to the top of the mine, Sany mining excavator made its debut in Bauma China 2014

the two new excavators sy245h and sy485h are the equipment launched by Sany Heavy Machinery under this kind of mode through strict design and testing based on the technical core of mining excavators for many years. The sy485h excavator unveiled this time created a number of firsts. It is the first excavator that uses the fuel self filtration system, is equipped with the national three emission engine, and uses independent oil dispersion. It is also the first excavator with a structural component life exceeding 10000 hours. Sany mine excavator has outstanding capacity, high construction efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation, reliability and durability. It is suitable for large-scale stonework operations to ensure the reliable performance of the machine in various harsh environments

the new Sany bl70c backhoe loader appeared in the world.

small is better and stronger. The debut of Sany backhoe loader marks that Sany has once again reached a new height in scientific and technological research and development

the new Sany bl70c excavator loader integrates five technologies, including energy conservation and environmental protection, heat dissipation, intelligent control, shock absorption and durability technologies, and comprehensively applies new materials and processes. Its fast operation, flexible steering, sufficient power, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, safety and other highlights make it a leader in 7-ton excavator loaders

Sany srt95c mining dump truck leads the development trend of China's new generation mining dump truck technology

the Sany SRT series mining dump truck participating in the Shanghai BMW exhibition creates absolute competitive advantage products with its six core technologies, leads the development trend of China's new generation mining dump truck technology, and creates maximum value for users

Sany srt95c mining dump truck has four safety advantages (oil-cooled disc brake, high safety standard cab, no blind area design technology, and the first 360 degree panoramic visual system technology); Five reliability advantages (world-class frame technology, independently patented rear axle technology and the most advanced casting quality control system in China, internationally advanced and mature gearbox, first-class hydraulic matching technology and first-class pipeline design technology); Two energy-saving advantages (patented hydraulic oil tank, new lightweight design technology); Sany srt95c mining dump truck is equipped with the best steering technology and body design technology, the most comfortable suspension system, international advanced noise reduction technology, and intelligent fault diagnosis technology to create an all-round high-quality mine truck and provide customers with the ultimate experience

"wind messenger" -- Sany sac6000 all terrain crane landing Bauma China 2014

sac6000 adopts an 8-axle 7-section boom structure, and the maximum lifting height of the 7-section boom is 90m. The applied auxiliary drive technology enables its 8-axle to be connected to the vehicle to realize auxiliary drive. The low-temperature starting device is equipped to adapt to the winter -30 ℃ climate in the northern wind farm, and its unique interior The fan-shaped control panel of the lower cab and other unique designs are praiseworthy. The "sportier and younger" temperament will come. The sac6000 is 1 The best partner of MW wind turbine hoisting can be called "wind messenger"

Sany LNG natural gas mixer sy312c-6w made its debut in Bauma China 2014

Sany is committed to building the first brand of natural gas mixer by taking advantage of the technical advantages of traditional mixer. In 2014, Sany Heavy Industry grandly launched the environmental protection pioneer LNG natural gas mixer, which leads China's construction machinery industry into a new era of green energy conservation with its clean, efficient, safe and sustainable environmental protection characteristics. As early as 2011, Sany Heavy industry started the development of LNG mixer, and launched the industry's first LNG mixer concept at the 2011 Beijing BICES exhibition

Sany parfiger launched the first aerial work vehicle

after Sany parfiger made a strategic breakthrough in the field of truck mounted cranes, Sany parfiger appeared in another "pioneer" of subdividing special vehicles - spp200a aerial work vehicle at BMW Shanghai 2014. As the first aerial work vehicle launched by SANY parfiger, spp200 has excellent performance. Its upper part comes from parfiger's European headquarters. It is fully hydraulic access, with leading technology, safety and reliability. Its working height is 20 meters. It adopts the "Z-type jib" design and has a 230 kg basket capacity. Compared with other aerial vehicles of the same specification, spp200a has lighter self weight, better stability and fretting performance

new sr285rc8 rock entry rotary drilling rig

fast rock entry, strong rock breaking ability, wide adaptability to strata, high construction efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection... One industry-leading function creates the perfect sr285rc8, which is the pile foundation construction expert you have been longing for

sr285rc8 is launched with a new attitude. The elaborately created product appearance is bright and beautiful, outlining the ultimate features of the mighty big device; SR28 adjusted passive needle spring screw 5rc8 adopts the special chassis of rotary drilling rig independently developed by SANY to ensure the construction stability of the whole machine. The modular layout of the chassis greatly improves the convenience of use and maintenance. Dynamic simulation technology is adopted to ensure the strength of structural parts and obtain longer service life. Sany ADMS intelligent control system makes the construction operation more convenient. It is equipped with a full view camera monitoring system to provide a high safety guarantee for walking, turning and construction. Dozens of leading technologies have created the perfect sr285rc8, making it a leading model in the industry

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