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The preferential investment promotion policy and strong brand development of baidibao board will bring new opportunities to people with insight in venture capital

board brand baidibao the Belt and Road strives to win steadily

baidibao board's preferential investment promotion policy and strong brand development will bring new opportunities to people of insight in venture capital. The on-site visit, investigation and guidance will also be the zero risk guarantee for you to join in and start a business

preferential policies for brand board joining, see baidebao board's big move

brand board baidebao has given investors strong support in the franchise policy. Baidibao board has a stable the Belt and Road profit model, strong brand publicity, and an unprecedented franchise policy. Interested agents can also visit the site nearby to personally experience the style of baidibao health home plate

national 300+ franchise stores, baidibao board, the Belt and Road, make a lot of money

at present, baidebao's franchise stores have formed a nationwide marketing network, with more than 300 agents, spanning 18 provinces and cities, covering North China, East China, South China, central China, Northeast China and the Yangtze River Delta, and the successful operation rate of the stores has reached more than 90%

Baozhu, one of the top ten brands of board, helps you win the war terminal

baidibao healthy home board is a famous brand of Chinese healthy board, one of the top 30 enterprises in China's building materials industry, and a green environmental protection product in China. The core products of baidibao board are diverse: ecological board, special board for children's room, blockboard, ecological wardrobe, decorative panel, multilayer board, plywood, integrated board, fireproof board, calcium silicate board, finger board, gypsum board, white latex, hardware, etc. From material selection to product R & D and design, all fields are designed according to the requirements of the health system to create top-level healthy household products

baidibao board has a strong brand magnetic field,

is attracting more and more agents to join

select baidibao board, and the selection is successful

join baidebao board and grow with more than 300 agents


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know how to love yourself

. create a trendy home for people who love home

choose baidibao if you want to protect the environment

baidibao board wechat official account: bdbbc201 3

official website of baidebao board, one of the top ten brands of board:

the only free service hotline in China: 400-8635858




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