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Transformation is to let people regain their hopes and dreams. Design is to let people live with dignity. This transformation is a very social project. I hope to explore the feasibility of spatial transformation of autistic children through the structural design of space and time

-- there is a group called autistic in medicine, but more people like to call them "children of stars", because they seem to have a way of thinking that does not belong to ordinary people, just like coming from a distant planet

their appearance is no different from ordinary people, but they bear the inner loneliness that others can't detect; There is such a family, because the children with "autism" put the whole family into living difficulties. How to improve these family life conditions and let autistic children get out of loneliness is not a simple solution to economic assistance and medical treatment


a lonely home

Xu Xilan is a vocal music teacher in Fushun University. She also has an autistic daughter to take care of after class. In the eyes of the students, teacher Xu always wears a smile on her face, but no one finds the fatigue behind her singing and smiling face

daughter Yao Hua was born with autism, which is what we often call autism. He can't talk, and can't take care of himself. He just walks around the room unconsciously, stomping the floor and kicking furniture with his feet, and waving his arms against the wall. Often in the middle of the night, because of irritability issued a sharp cry


user transformation needs

improve the living environment and alleviate the condition of the daughter

the daughter likes to walk barefoot, the floor is cold and wet

the kitchen is closed, and it is difficult for the mother to give consideration to her daughter and housework

autism patients are particularly sensitive to the environment, and easy changes will cause the patient's mood to get out of control. But the current housing structure is full of hidden dangers, making it even more difficult for mother Xu to take care of her. We can't do nothing but change, and Japanese designer Kishi Honda, known as the "hand of God", came to the Xu family under pressure

as soon as I entered the door, I saw Mother Xu bending over to change shoes for her daughter. As soon as I wash my head, I have to stand on the stool. Yao Hua is 1.7 meters tall, and her petite mother Xu has extra difficulty taking care of her. Seeing that his daughter likes to walk barefoot without socks, Ben immediately stretched out his feet to feel the ground temperature. The northeast of minus 40 degrees made him feel what it means to be cool

after careful observation of the uneven color of the floor, I learned that it was the wear caused by my daughter's hard kicking the floor all year round

unlike other families, the kitchen of the Xu family can't see a knife or a bag of seasoning, which are all hidden in a locked cabinet. The daughter with mental retardation once picked up a bag of salt and a bottle of soy sauce and sprinkled it all over the bed

because the kitchen can't see the situation outside, every time when cooking dinner, mother Xu has to do it and run out to have a look, for fear that her daughter will hurt herself again, or make her feces all over the floor

dedicated Ben observed that he didn't leave until late at night, and turned around and got into the neighbor's house again. Sure enough, there was a loud bang and irregular screams next door. It's hard to imagine how Xu's mother and daughter and their neighbors fell asleep these years

however, the neighbors said that they could hear the news, but no one had told Mr. Xu for so many years. We don't sleep well, and she doesn't sleep well

after knowing the situation, he did not rush to call in the construction team, but went straight to the mental health center. Relevant experts greatly appreciated his idea and put forward more professional suggestions. Almost all autistic patients have such rigid behaviors as turning and slapping the table. If every autistic family is willing to add rehabilitation design to the home space, it can be regarded as an excellent environmental treatment

then construction. During this period, Ben flew back to Japan and vowed to find non slip, elastic and heat insulating floor materials to reduce the damage caused by his daughter stamping and kicking the floor. For this reason, comparative tests are being carried out repeatedly

in order to alleviate his daughter's insomnia, he tossed and turned on bedding of various materials. A stable sleep can not only reduce the frequency of her daughter's noise, but also help her condition. He must choose carefully


all-round warm heart design

seeing the reconstructed new house, mother Xu was surprised and speechless, while daughter Yao Hua smiled. In fact, she didn't know how to express joy, but she liked this reassuring and comfortable space with a smile


a lift cabinet is added in the porch. Sitting is changing shoes stool, so that mother doesn't have to bend over to change shoes. Lifting it can be used as a locker, so that mother doesn't have to squat to clean up. At a casual glance, a thoughtful design was born

living room

the partition between the two bedrooms and the living room is opened, and the daughter can walk back and forth in the whole house according to the designed route, without being limited to a small closed room

it is intimate that all corners and walls of the whole route are made into circular arcs to reduce the possibility of daughter's bruises

the switch is also moved down by 15cm as a whole, and indiscriminate tapping will not take effect. This is specially designed for daughters who love tapping the wall and indiscriminately pressing the switch

the four person table in the living room was replaced by a stretchable six person table. Through this small change, we encourage mother and daughter to take more friends home for dinner. Slowly, the daughter's social function may be restored


the kitchen has become a semi open type, with customized low doors. It won't block mother Xu's sight during the day, and it can prevent her daughter from entering the kitchen at night

move the whole console to the other side, add a small window, and some small round holes have been dug out in the wall in front of the window, so that no matter where the daughter goes, she will be in the sight of her mother

the height of the cupboard can be reached by hand. All the cupboards are replaced by press lock, which is convenient to open and close, and can prevent the daughter from turning things around. The warm and humanized details are not amazing, but touching


after repeated tests, the floor of the bathroom has selected anti-skid plastic film. My daughter doesn't know how to wash her hair. Every time, mother Xu climbs up and down to wash her hair. If she is careless, she will slip on the wet tiles. The simplest method used in this room is to add a small stool that can be put away, so that my daughter can sit and wash it immediately


the previous two bedrooms were merged. The lamp was specially selected from this room back to Japan, with different brightness at different times, and the curtain is a special sound insulation material. As soon as the daughter entered the bedroom, she couldn't wait to lie in bed. Her mother said that she wouldn't express it. As long as she was willing to lie up, she was comfortable and liked it

sound insulation

this room takes the sound insulation of the whole house as the top priority. The walls shared with neighbors are provided with five layers of sound insulation measures, such as insulating layer | sound insulation board | rock wool | sound insulation board | insulating layer

considering the neighbors upstairs, even the ceiling was treated the same way. The windows and doors are specially selected with the noise reduction capacity of Max, so the neighbors can't hear any sound during construction. Even the sewer pipes are covered with sound insulation. Now, the kind neighbors can have a good sleep


because it is an autistic home, we decided to use smell and color to help our daughter distinguish, and develop the habit of being different colleagues in different rooms

the piano room and living room are yellow, and Eucalyptus aromatherapy can refresh your mind. The bedroom has a sky blue ceiling, which is scented with lavender to help sleep

Ben Guishi didn't make drastic changes to the family, and even kept the two chairs his daughter liked before and the old paintings of his mother on the wall of the living room

it is not only for fear that autistic people will be difficult to accept the new environment, but also out of respect for the past life stories of residents

transformation is to let people regain hope and dream, and design is to let people live with more dignity




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