The elegant and gentle style of European classical

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Dark oak or maple furniture and brightly colored cloth sofa are the protagonists in the European living room. There are also romantic Roman curtains, exquisite oil paintings, and well-made sculptures and handicrafts, which are indispensable elements to dye the European style. However, it should be noted that this kind of decoration will achieve better results in rooms with large area and space

large lamp pools are preferred at the top of European style living rooms, and iron ornaments are used to create an atmosphere. The upper half of the doors and windows are mostly made into floor to ceiling windows, and the edges are hooked with gypsum lines with patterns

most of the living room is under the hollow structure, the large-area glass windows bring good lighting, and the landing curtains are very imposing. The fabric sofa combination has the texture of velvet, which perfectly combines the luxury of traditional European home with the practicality of modern home. Two luxurious roman columns are erected at the entrance of the hall, which highlights the European style

first, save if you can. Modern European style does not require to follow any European law, as long as there are some European decoration symbols in it, colors and details can be used to foil the atmosphere. In terms of the selection of living room furniture, the color is full, and the dark and elegant colors can maximize the European style. Such as red sandalwood, yellow sandalwood, classical oak and other colors

second, don't save if you can't. Modern living room fireplace is no longer an indispensable thing. On the contrary, a colorful oil painting is very necessary, and it provides a visual center for the open living room

third, tailor it to your own needs. Perhaps there are differences in the size of their own homes. How can a small home dress up with different European styles? Or I prefer to recommend European pastoral style to you here. No matter how big or small, pastoral style, with a little effort, you will get a great sense of satisfaction. The living room decoration is also richer in the natural beauty loved by urbanites. Maybe this small home can release your heavy heart




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