A good silent door and window can create a comfort

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(Katy doors and windows, enjoying life quietly) there are all kinds of sounds in daily life. If we divide the sound into levels: 1 dB is the sound just heard by human ears; Below 15 decibels, we often describe it as "Silence"; 20-40 dB, just like the murmuring in the ears of lovers; 40-60 dB, which belongs to the sound of normal conversation; Above 60 decibels, you will feel noisy; 70 decibels, equivalent to walking on the streets of downtown; 90 dB, like being in a noisy bar; 100 decibels, is the sound of your upstairs decoration electric drill; 120 decibels is equivalent to the plane taking off, and your ears can't stand it

silent doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com How can you miss it? Life should be like this. In a beautiful environment, you enjoy every bit of fun, elegant decoration, unique style, all of which let you enjoy the fun of life and the beauty of life

noise pollution is very harmful to people themselves, and it is also very harmful to people's physical and mental health, so we should try to make less noise in real life. Because people don't understand the function of sound insulation of doors and windows, and think that small noise in daily life does not hinder daily life, then you are very wrong. In fact, small noise in life is also very harmful to human body

people pay great attention to home life, especially home decoration. They like to decorate their houses according to their preferences, and doors and windows are not included. Silent doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com The quality and beauty of can directly affect the decorative effect of the whole home and future life. Choose a quiet door and window with high quality and beauty to bring endless enjoyment to life

therefore, people need a silent door and window that can block the disturbance of the outside world, so that they can quietly enjoy the silence and comfort they can't enjoy outside, and live a leisurely and harmonious life with their families





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