Decoration effect drawing of 79 square meters smal

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Decoration owner files:

decoration community: he'anjiang decoration house type: small house type

decoration area: 79 square meters decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration cost: 45000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view]

contracting method: half contract

Design Description: the owner of this case has been living for a long time, giving people a strong flavor of life, The room has a sense of flexibility, but the dim light creates a thick and warm atmosphere

the porch at the door is also so carefully arranged. The simple low stool there exudes the flavor of history. Put books, potted plants, and a warm desk lamp, which will surely make your room romantic. The decorative paintings on the wall (which should be the cat of the owner's family) have a breath of life




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