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Since yesterday, the high fever of Guangzhou Construction Expo has not subsided, and the whole day is hot. With the scene like fire and tea, the audience can't help but feel excited. Carty doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com Welcome franchisees to visit Foshan factory headquarters in person

Cartier doors and windows http://www.dgkadi.com As a leader in the door and window industry, the professional team led customers to visit the exhibition hall and production workshop one by one to show the production strength and craftsmanship of Cartier doors and windows. The magnificent exhibition hall and excellent product quality make the inspection customers full of praise and highly praise the Carty doors and windows

▲ franchisees came to taste Carty doors and windows

during the visit, the new products of typhoon terminator attracted the attention of customers, and highly appreciated and recognized the functions of waterproof, anti-theft, anti typhoon and so on. The exquisite products and exquisite workmanship give customers an enjoyable viewing experience

▲ the sales manager carefully explains to the customers that

Cartier doors and windows bear the glorious achievements of 20 years, compete for victory with quality, and seek development with reputation. This exhibition shows a strong growth momentum, which injects a strong impetus into the industry for cartier brand. The huge elite team of Cartier doors and windows will create a strong brand, and the extreme pursuit of product quality will lead the new trend of the development of the door and window industry

with strong strength, Cartier doors and windows conquered the hearts of franchisees who came all the way to visit, making customers and friends full of confidence in the development prospect of Cartier doors and windows. The exhibition is still in progress. You are welcome to visit the factory and work together to create the road of wealth

Tang monks such as Sunwukong? 500 years

Yu Shu such as Yi Xiaochuan? 2000

Si Yin and other Mo yuan? 70000 years

night China and other white light? Sansheng III

Cartier doors and windows waiting for you to buy doors and windows? From morning till night, 16.3-05 in Zone C of Pazhou Exhibition Hall is waiting for you to come and taste




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