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As consumers are mostly the first time to carry out home decoration, they generally lack professional knowledge, and there is great blindness in home decoration. Therefore, when negotiating with decoration companies, they need some special skills

as consumers are mostly engaged in home decoration for the first time, they generally lack professional knowledge and have great blindness in home decoration, so they need some special skills when negotiating with decoration companies

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identify the qualification of decoration companies

first, decoration companies must be qualified to carry out decoration engineering construction. In addition to checking the business license, you should carefully examine whether the company has a formal office location and whether it can issue qualified bills

secondly, you can evaluate the design and construction level of this decoration company by investigating the projects it has done. The level and qualifications of interior designers are directly related to the level of design, so you should make a detailed inquiry about the designers of this company

there are two ways of preliminary contact

at present, there are two ways of quotation for decoration companies: first, you quote how much you want to invest, and the decoration company will start to design and quote according to your requirements; Second, you put forward specific requirements for room decoration, and the decoration company will report how much it will cost to realize your requirements

many consumers are willing to adopt the second way of negotiation in order to avoid the decoration company putting “ Bottom ” Probe away. Consumers want decoration companies to quote first, and they also have room for bargaining. In fact, this practice is unnecessary. The profit margins of all formal decoration companies are almost the same, but the difference is the strength of design power and the quality of after-sales service. Doing so will only delay your own time, thus delaying the construction progress. So when you come into contact with the decoration company, you'd better directly tell the decoration company how much you plan to spend and what effect you want to achieve to see whether they can accept it. If the decoration company agrees to undertake your home decoration project, it can enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage

carefully study the design scheme

after you reach a preliminary tacit understanding with the decoration company, the decoration company should understand your specific requirements and conduct field measurement. After that, the company will give you the design drawings and a detailed quotation, which lists the very specific materials and construction quantities. After you get this material, you should first see whether the design meets your requirements. You can ask the designer to explain the design scheme, such as the treatment of some spaces, the application of materials, and whether the price and dosage are reasonable

eliminate contract loopholes

after you approve the quotation, the regular decoration company will also sign a construction contract or agreement with you. In this contract, you should pay attention to the following issues:

first of all, the contract must specify the specific requirements and completion date of decoration, and do not give some decoration companies rough manufacturing and delay the construction period “ Create ” Conditions

secondly, the specific brand or model of decorative materials used must be indicated in the contract, so as to prevent the decoration company from shoddy

thirdly, the provisions on warranty in the contract are essential, and we should distinguish the responsibility: if it is a quality problem of construction or materials, the decoration company should bear all the responsibility; In case of improper use by users, both parties can deal with it through negotiation. Generally, the warranty period of decoration companies for projects ranges from three months to one year. You should choose a company with a longer warranty period as far as possible

carefully inspect the decoration quality of the construction team, which largely depends on the quality of the construction team. So before decoration, you should also check the construction team used by the decoration company. In addition, the strength of the construction team can also be seen from the tools they use. At present, the degree of electrification of decoration works is very high. Generally, powerful construction teams have begun to use tools such as electric pumps and nail guns in order to improve quality and efficiency

pay attention to the above aspects. When you decorate your room, you can enjoy as many services as possible at a reasonable price. In addition, knowing these bargaining knowledge can also make your “ Immunity ” Strengthen, will not be deceived




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