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With the further improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for residential decoration are higher and higher. The decoration fees of hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands are unbearable for many wage earners. Xi Caijun suggested that friends who need decoration can make up for their lack of funds through bank loans. Now let's introduce the decoration loan process of CCB to help friends with loan needs further understand the decoration loan

decoration loan process of CCB

1. Customers apply. Customers apply for decoration loans at CCB outlets and submit completed written application forms and other relevant materials

2. Sign a loan contract. After receiving the borrower's application, CCB will investigate the relevant materials. If approved, both parties will sign the loan contract and go through the relevant notarization and mortgage registration procedures as appropriate

3. Issue decoration loans. After receiving the notice that CCB will issue the loan, the borrower will go to CCB to complete all procedures, and CCB will issue the loan according to the contract

4. Repay the loan on schedule. The borrower shall repay on time and in full according to the contract

5. Settle the decoration loan. Loan settlement includes normal settlement and early settlement

(1) normal settlement: according to the contract, the borrower shall settle the decoration loan of CCB on the loan maturity date or the last phase of the loan

(2) early settlement: the borrower has the ability and willingness to repay the decoration loan in advance before the loan maturity date, and can apply for early repayment at CCB outlets

6. After the loan is settled. The borrower shall take back the legal certificate and relevant supporting documents taken in by CCB with his valid ID card and the loan settlement certificate issued by CCB, and go through the mortgage registration cancellation procedures at the original mortgage registration department with the loan settlement certificate

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the decoration loan process of CCB is not as complicated as many netizens think. Just go to CCB outlets, fill in relevant documents under the guidance of staff, and submit relevant materials. Friends who need decoration loans can go to CCB outlets to inquire about the details, or go to [Xicai cat], which will bring users more accurate and simple loan application services. Users can easily [apply online] for decoration loans according to their own conditions, needs and preferences




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