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China's first "green coal power" demonstration power station started construction on the 6th. China's first self-developed, designed, manufactured and constructed integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation system (IGCC) demonstration project - Huaneng "green coal power" Tianjin IGCC demonstration power station started construction in Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone on the 6th. This marks that China has made substantial progress in its "green coal power" plan, which has independent intellectual property rights and represents the cutting-edge level of clean coal technology in the world

Huaneng's "green coal power" demonstration project is a major project under the 863 plan of the 11th Five Year Plan in China. It will invest more than 2 billion yuan to build a 250000 kW integrated coal gasification gas steam market competitiveness, further improve the steam combined cycle (IGCC) generator set, and adopt a 2000 ton/day two-stage dry pulverized coal gasifier with independent intellectual property rights. The first unit is planned to be completed in 2011

after the completion of Tianjin IGCC demonstration power station, its power generation efficiency will reach 48% and desulfurization efficiency will reach more than 99%. It can recover high-purity sulfur and control the emission of nitrogen oxides at a low level. Compared with the 300000 kW conventional thermal power station, which only plastic bottle manufacturers engaged in relevant production for a long time will know better, Tianjin IGCC demonstration power station can save 70000 tons of standard coal every year, and its pollutant emission is only one tenth of that of conventional coal-fired power stations

as the cleanest and most efficient coal power generation technology in the world, IGCC includes gasification Island, air separation Island, syngas purification Island, sulfur recovery island and gas steam combined cycle power generation unit. At present, nearly 30 IGCC power stations have been built, under construction and to be built in the world. The completion of Tianjin IGCC demonstration power station will fill the gap in this field in China

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