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The first green biodegradation project in Heilongjiang Province settled in Helen

the product is resistant to high temperature in microwave oven, has elasticity, strong scalability and can be used repeatedly; After being tested in South Korea, it can be completely degraded in nature after 48 days of photosynthesis and become agricultural organic fertilizer, which is harmless to human body and can become a substitute for "white pollution". Before reaching the production capacity, the project has signed a three-year sales contract with Japan, South Korea and the United States. This is the corn starch based biodegradable new environmental protection packaging materials and products produced by Helen Tengfei Lvhuan biodegradable products Co., Ltd. the starch content of this product can reach up to 80%. It has obtained the national invention patent certificate and the protection period is as long as 20 years. At the same time, it also has the "lvzhuoqun" trademark issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce

the construction and operation of this project has stimulated the rapid development of deep processing enterprises of agricultural and sideline products in Hailun City, improved the added value of agricultural and sideline products, and filled the gap of similar products in Jilin Province. At the same time, it is also the only pure foreign-funded enterprise in Helen's history

recently, hushiying, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, came to the company to learn about the progress of the project during his investigation in Helen. He said that the project is in line with the national industrial policy and has a broad market. All parties should give key support to ensure that the project is put into operation on schedule and effective

in the production workshop, I saw the chairman of the company sang Yuku who was debugging the equipment with the workers. He said that biodegradation is a high-tech project and a sunrise industry in the 21st century. It is green and has an optimistic prospect. After more than three years of investigation on the market and equipment, in September last year, he and his nephew sushio Nakajima, a Japanese Chinese, jointly invested 60million yuan to build this innovative capital and risk reduction company. The company covers an area of 10000 square meters and a building area of 5300 square meters. The production workshop, staff dormitory, warehouse and other facilities are built in accordance with international standards. During the construction process, the municipal Party committee and government of hailun attached great importance to it, gave many preferential policies to support it, and helped solve the specific difficulties encountered in the construction for many times. At present, the civil engineering project has been completed. The production equipment with an annual output of 300million sets of green environmental protection biodegradable fast food products has been installed in the factory. The microcomputer digital full-automatic master batch production line developed to match the starch based biodegradable technology can produce 100million degradable products a year, and is now in trial production. The 8 production lines have stable machine and equipment performance, advanced environmental protection technology, no "three wastes" emission and no noise, and the utilization rate of raw materials is 100%

the starch based biodegradable disposable tableware and packaging products produced by this company have the characteristics of low consumption, green materials, recyclable use and repeated production. The products produced by the patented technology reach the scope required for smelting. The products have successively passed the environmental protection certification of the U.S. FDA and the Korea Institute of chemical testing. The objects of the experiments are sometimes high-value ordnance products (Asian Inspection Center), It has obtained the international certification of ISO9001-2000 quality management system and ISO14001-1996 environmental management system, and is called a national key new project

this product can be recycled after use, and can be processed into agricultural and industrial packaging materials. After crushing, it can be used as animal feed or compost. As a substitute for plastic products that cause "white pollution", it can be widely used in the internal and external packaging of products such as forestry, clothing, medicine, food, household appliances, it industry, etc. it is a "green revolution" in the field of environmental protection packaging

it is reported that the company will also invest 2.2 million yuan to install a set of disposable biodegradable convenience bag equipment to make new contributions to the elimination of "white pollution"

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