The first GRP Minesweeper in service in Japan

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Service of Japan's first glass fiber reinforced plastic Minesweeper according to the Kyodo News Agency on March 21, the new Minesweeper "jiangzhidao" (570 ton class) of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force began service on March 21

it is reported that the "jiangzhidao" minesweeper is made of two types of light FRP with different degrees of change. In the future, it will be subordinate to the 41st minesweeping team located in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa county. In the past, Japanese minesweepers were made of wood materials other than the normal use of the mine imperceptible drop test machine. "Jiangzhidao" was the first FRP Minesweeper

the service life of FRP ships is about 1.5 times that of wooden ships, and it is expected to reach about 30 years

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