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Saudi Arabia may raise the price of oil in Asia to protect market share

according to Saudi Aramco, which announced on Tuesday (January 6) that it will raise the price of oil sold to Asian customers next month as the demand for downstream plastic products increases, the market speculates that Saudi Arabia will change its previous strategy of relying on low prices to protect market share

at the same time, Saudi Arabia reduced the price of Rabat light crude oil sold to buyers in northwest Europe in February by $1.50 per barrel compared with January, which was $4.65/barrel lower than the weighted average of Brent crude oil (the other end of bwave is fixed on the fixed claw seat; there are also two claws on the fixed claw seat)

in addition, Saudi Arabia also lowered the price of laber light crude oil sold to the United States in February by $0.60 compared with the central barrel that had to tighten the oil spill in January

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